By: Valerie Walters, Easternview Reuperation Centre  14-Feb-2011
Keywords: Kinesiology, Kinesiologist

At Easternview Recuperation Centre our Kinesiologist Valerie Walters works with the bio-feedback mechanism known as muscle testing - the basis of Kinesiology.  Her expertise however extends far beyond just kinesiology as she works with people with all manner of problems and issues.  People who have recurring pain or injuries they cannot seem to overcome, people who are going through relationship issues or repeating the same patterns in relationships.  Perhaps you can't get over the death of a loved one or suffer from depression or anxiety.  While not working specifically with the medical labels, Valerie investigates the cause of the problem - if that is resolved then there is no need for the symptoms.  So for those seeking an alternative for solving what ails you then Easternview Recuperation Centre may be the place to start.

Keywords: Kinesiologist, Kinesiology

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