By: Your Mobile Physio  23-Feb-2011
Keywords: Hydrotherapy


Put simply hydrotherapy is exercise that takes place in water and used for those clients who are unable to tolerate exercise on land. Such conditions like acute back pain, arthritis and knee surgery make it very difficult for people to walk. Walking in a warm water pool helps for a number of reasons including:

  • Warm water warms the muscles and joints
  • Water has a buoyancy effect which means the water carries your weight instead of your joints
  • Water creates resistance (It is harder to move your arm through water than through air) which strengthens your muscles and joints

Hydrotherapy is completed with an EP or Physio stepping into the pool with you, demonstrating exercises and teaching you the right technique. You may be required to visit the pool once or twice a week and complete the exercises yourself. Once you build the strength and you and your therapist will discuss progressing to land based exercises.

Your Mobile Physio uses a large number of pool facilities across Sydney. Depending on your location we will try and find the closest facility to you and meet you there. Please note you may have to pay for pool entry. As you will be completing hydrotherapy with an accredited EP or Physio you will still be entitled to health fund rebates, EPC/Medicare, DVA, Workcover or CTP entitlements.

Keywords: Hydrotherapy

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