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By: Harris Rc  07-Mar-2012
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We sell Rc car parts, accessories, rims, tires, batteries & more

2x OP68 Tamiya Sport Tuned 540 $30ea
3 Reedy Challenger 19t Brushed Motor $30ea
1 Xpress Motorsports 19t Brushed Motor $30ea
8 Xpress Motorsports 27t Brushed Motor $30ea
2 Xpress Motorsports Trinity 10.5 T Brushless $65ea

1 x Intellect 6000/30c Saddle packs $60ea 1 LEFT
2 x SMC Lightning Volts 1s 3.7v 4000 25c Hard case Lipo $45ea
1 x PT2500KJS Premium Power 11.1v 2500 mAH 10C (Soft Case) Lipo for KO Radio $30
5 x PBC850J3S Premium Power 11.1v 850 mAH 15C (Soft Case) Lipo w/Receiver Plug $30
1 x PBC1300T3S Premium Power 11.1v 1300 mAH 20C (Soft Case) Lipo w/Deans Plug $30

1 x GE Power 11.1v 2200 mAH 25C (Soft Case) Lipo w/Deans Plug $40
3 x 3s 2600 TX Packs w/futaba plug $30ea

1/10th Offroad Tires
Panther - Don't under estimate these tires they provide exceptional grip!!
8x P325s Switch 2.0 Truck ss (Soft compound) $10pair unpackaged w/inserts
30x P725s Bobcat 4wd Front S (Soft compound) $10pair
3x  P725ms Switch 2.0 4wd Front MS (Med Soft compound) $10pair
6x  P726c Raptor 4wd Front MS (Med Soft compound) $10pair
3x  P720c Bobcat 2wd Front C (Clay compound) $10pair
1x  P755c Switch 2.0 buggy Rear c (Clay compound) $10pair
4x  P325MS Switch 2.0 Truck Rear (medium soft compound) $12pair
4x  P325S Switch 2.0 Truck Rear (soft compound) $12pair
3x  P325sS Switch 2.0 Truck Rear (Super soft compound) $12pair

3x 301703 Bar Codes 2wd Buggy Front (White/med Compound) $10pair
5x 301605 Bar Codes Buggy Rear (Gold/med Compound) $10pair
11x 301603 Bar Codes Buggy Rear (White/med Compound) $10pair
7x 302001 Bar Codes 4wd Front (Blue/soft Compound) $10pair
5x 301902 Goosebumps 4wd Front (Green/Sup soft Compound) $10pair
2x 300302 Double Dee 4wd Front (Green/Sup soft Compound) $10pair
3x 301701 Bar Codes 2wd Front (Blue/soft Compound) $10pair
1x 302003 Bar Codes 4wd Front (White/med Compound) $10pair
2x 302302 Goosebumps Truck (Green/Sup soft Compound) $14pair

1x Scrubs 2wd front                $12pair
2x 817502 4rib 2wd font m3         $12pair
1x 116802 Slicer SC M3 (Soft compound) Front $14pair
6x 809502 The Edge Truck M2 (Med compound) $14pair
1x 809501 The Edge Truck M2 (Med compound) $14pair


11x 3305 Rulux B4 Front Rims White (4pack) $11
3x 3313Y Rulux Truck QC Rear Rims Yel (4pack) $14
5x 3312y Rulux Truck Front Rims Yel (4pack) $14
3x 3312 Rulux Truck Front Rims Wh (4pack) $14
2x 3317B Rulux SC Rear Rims Bl (2pack) $10
4x 3317W Rulux SC Rear Rims Wh (2pack) $10
2x 3318W Rulux SC Rear Rims Wh (2pack) $10
2x 3318B Rulux SC Rear Rims Bl (2pack) $10

4x A9589 Dish B4 rear Rims Wh (2pack) $7
8x A9588 Dish B4 2wd Front Rims Wh (2pack) $7
3x A9768 Dish B44 Front Rims Yel (2pack) $7

1x 236502 Velocity Truck Rims yel Rear (2pack) $10
6x 236500 Velocity Truck Rims Wh Front (2pack) $10
6x 266704 Velocity Truck Rims wh Rear (2pack) $10
3x 266604 Velocity Truck Rims wh Front (2pack) $10
2x 271602 Split Six SC Bead Loc Front Bl SC10 (2pack) $18
5x 266604 Velocity 2.2 Buggy Front b4/4.1/44 Wh (2pack) $7ea
7x 266704 Velocity 2.2 Buggy Rear b4/4.1/44 Wh (2pack) $8ea

Titanium Racing parts -
These parts are from the UK & are usually very Expensive!!!

1 x 20T Pinion $10
2 x 19T Pinion $10
1 x 23T Pinion $10
1 x 18T Pinion $10

2 X pro comp spool TC5 $19
2 X pro comp Spool cups Xray T2 $6
1 X CVD TC5 $34
2 X Pro comp diff sleeves Cyclone $4
2 X Pro Comp Diff Cyclone $18
4 X Pro comp Diff sleeves Cyclone $4
2 X TC5 Rr Belt $6
4 X TC5 Diff out drives $18
9 X Pro comp spool sleeves TC5 $4
3 X Spool Cups Alu US Spec BD/SD yoke $5
2 X Spool Cups Alu US Spec TC5 $5

8 53345 Tamiya M03 Rear toe in upright $6 ea
1 51238 Tamiya M03 F Parts set upright 10 ea
5 50793 Tamiya M03 C Parts set suspension arm 12 ea
3 53008 Tamiya M03 1150 Bearing set 4pk 18 ea
7 53030 Tamiya M03 850 Bearing Set 4pk 20 ea
2 53523 Tamiya M03 Aluminium Front Upright Set Silver 30 ea
2 49442 Tamiya M03 Aluminium Rear Upright Set Blue 20 ea
4 54120 Tamiya M03 Aluminium Servo Horn for Hi Torq Servo Saver Blu 20 ea
5 50794 Tamiya M03 G Parts Set Gear 6 ea
3 53333 Tamiya M03 Suspension Spring set 10 ea
3 53343 Tamiya M03 Front/Rear stabilizer set 10 ea
8 53346 Tamiya M03 Quick release batt holder 8 ea
6 53597 Tamiya M03 Uni Shaft set (assembly required) 20 ea
2 m03ml1 3 Racing Ball diff for mini 26 ea
5 m03m21 3 Racing Motor Heatsink for mini 18 ea
4 tsm03m 3 Racing Titanium Screw set for mini 30 ea
1 m03m01 3 Racing ball diff rebuild kit 4 ea 1 LEFT
2 m03m12 3 Racing Aluminium Rear Hub carrier 2 deg 15 ea
6 spa152 Spice 32r tire 4pk $20 ea
5 spa153 Spice 36r tire 4pk $20 ea
10 tpins50m Team Powers 50mm Insert medium 4pk 5 ea

Other Tamiya
8 53301 Tamiya TL01 Stainless Steel Hinge Pins 6 ea
8 50882 Tamiya TA04 King Pin Set 3 ea
2 53217 Tamiya TC hard joint cup (for ball diff) 9 ea
3 53218 Tamiya TC hard joint cup (for Gear diff) 9 ea
3 50797 Tamiya Short Adjuster 3 ea
6 51003 TT01 B parts set (suspension arm) 9 ea

Onroad rims & tires
3 GT30042 Speedmind 42sh 30mm Mounted rim/tire $12 pr
2 GT30040 Speedmind 40sh 30mm Mounted rim/tire $12 pr
2 GT26142F Speedmind 42sh 26mm Mounted rim/tire $12 pr
2 GT26140F Speedmind 40sh 26mm Mounted rim/tire $12 pr

1 x 17519 HPI 1966 Ford Mustang 200mm
3 x m1108 BMW Mini 20 ea
2 x A Class Mercedes Body (Mini) $20 ea
1 146600 Protoform Mazda6 200mm Body $20 ea
1 17510 HPI Venom T10 Ute $20 ea


Slash 2wd
6x T4686 Traxxas 86T Spur gear $5ea
8x RPM80592 RPM Heavy Duty A Arm Rear pair $10ea
4x RPM80242 RPM Heavy Duty A Arm Front pair $8ea
6x RPM80832 RPM Heavy Duty Rear Shock Twr $8ea
6x RPM80852 RPM Heavy Duty Front Shock Twr $6ea
5x RPM81242 RPM Heavy Duty Rear Skid Plate $12ea
4x RPM81252 RPM Heavy Duty Front Skid Plate $10ea
1x RPM80522 RPM Sealed Gear Cover $8ea
2x RPM80912 RPM Motor Protector $6ea
5x RPM80382 RPM Rear Bearing Carrier $8ea
4x RPM80372 RPM Front Bearing Carrier $7ea
6x RPM80712 RPM Caster Blocks Std 30 Deg $8ea

5 PRO270402B PROLINE 2.2 Beadloc Blk Fr Rim $15 pair Tek Tip: Use shoe goo on this rims & the tires stay on!!!
3 PRO270502B PROLINE 2.2 Beadloc Blk Rr Rim $15 pair Tek Tip: Use shoe goo on this rims & the tires stay on!!!
2 PRO270402R PROLINE 2.2 Beadloc Red Fr Rim $15 pair Tek Tip: Use shoe goo on this rims & the tires stay on!!!
2 PRO270502R PROLINE 2.2 Beadloc Red Rr Rim $15 pair Tek Tip: Use shoe goo on this rims & the tires stay on!!!
8 PRO107601 PROLINE 2.2 Switch M2 Tire $15 pair These tires are great bashing tires!!!

TC5 Parts
4x 31563 RR Hub .5 Deg hard $8ea
4x 31220 Rear Jub 1 Deg $8ea
3x 31564 RR Hub 1 Deg hard $8ea
1x 31562 RR Hub 0 Deg hard $8ea
2x 31219 Rear Hub .5 Deg $8ea
1x 31556 C Block 2 Deg hard $8ea
1x 31558 C Block 6 Deg hard $8ea
8x 31212 Caster Block 4 Deg $8ea
8x 31211 Caster Block 2 Deg $8ea
4x 31555 C Block 0 Deg hard $8ea
3x 31213 Caster Block 6 Deg $8ea
8x 31215 Steering block set $8ea
7x 31206 Rear Suspension Arm $8ea
5x 31179 Spool Kit $25ea
8x 31175 Oneway/Spool Pulley $10ea
9x 31169 Diff Pulley 40T $10ea
5x 31182 Aluminium Diff Kit $49ea
3x 31167 Diff Outdrives $10ea
1x 31181 Aluminium Outrdrives $25ea
3x 31154 Spur Gear Hub $7ea
3x 31187 Center Pulley 20T $11ea
1x 31176 Oneway Kit $40ea
11x 31166 Diff rebuild Kit $12ea
4x 31214 Caster Block Bushing $9ea
5x 31227 CVA Rebuild kit $12ea
6x 31238 CVA Bone Blade $8ea
2x 31232 CVA Bone $12ea
4x 31231 Stub Axle $13ea
11x 31187 Front Belt $12ea
5x 31188 Rear Belt $11ea
2x 31200 Wheelbase Shim Set $7ea
4x 31195 Arm Mount Set $8ea
1x 31198 Arm Mount Shim Set $8ea
2x 31269 Anti Roll Bar Kit $12ea
2x 31263 1.75mm Roll Bar $9ea
2x 31270 Front Bumper $9ea
2x 31272 Foam Bumper $8ea
3x 31254 Battery Strap Post $7ea
3x 31256 Battery Strap $14ea
3x 31141 ITF Top Deck $14ea
2x 31142 Front Shock Tower $15ea
2x 31143 Rear Shock Tower $16ea
1x 31140 ITF Lower Chassis $38ea
3x 2230 Front/Rear Body Posts $7ea
3x 31152 Motor Mount $13ea
1x 25391 4mm Locknut Alu Blu $14ea
3x 25392 3mm Locknut Alu Blu $13ea
8x 31197 Arm Mount Nut $13ea
4x 31250 Shock bushing $11ea
5x 31222 Outer Hinge Pin Set $6ea
5x 31221 Inner Hinge Pin Set $6ea
1x 31120 VCS2 Shock Rebld Kit $6ea
1x 31404 6x10mm Bearing $8ea
1x 31400 5x8mm Bearing $7ea
6x 31510 m2x0.4x4 BHCS $4ea
5x 31541 m3x0.5x6 FHCS $3ea
8x 31281 8mm Ballstud Short $9ea
1x 31112 1/16x5/16 Dowel Pins $4ea
2x 31249 Shock Shaft Ball Cup $4ea
1x 31244 Steering Post Spacer $5ea
1x 31162 Axle Shim Kit $5ea
3x 31161 Centre Shaft Spacer $5ea
10x 31168 Diff outdrive Rings $6ea
1x 31251 FT Shk Shaft Gld .26 $13ea
2x 31990 TC3/NT3 hrd an thrd shk $12ea
7x 3943 Blu Spring 17.0 LBS $5pr
6x 3942 Sil Spring 14.5 LBS $5pr
6x 3941 Gre Spring 12.0 LBS $5pr

11x 9659 Steering Rack             $7ea
6x  9587 Wing Mount Shim Set       $6ea
4x  9574 Trans Case (L&R)          $8ea
8x  9564 RR Chas/Fr Hinge Brace    $6ea
5x  9570 Rear Chas Plate           $7ea
2x  9566 Top Plate                 $6ea
1x  6475 Spring cups & preloads    $6ea
2x  9573 RR Shock Tower Carbon     $10ea
1x  9572 Rear Shock Tower          $8ea
1x  9569 Fr Shock Tower Carbon     $9ea
2x  9568 Front Shock Tower         $7ea
1x  9579 Front A Arm Carbon        $9ea
6x  9578 Front A arm    $8ea
3x  9764 Rear Arm    $7ea
8x  9755 CVA Axle Rear    $8ea
2x  9730 Rear Hub Carrier     $6ea
4x  7664 Diff Gear 52T    $5ea
5x  9251 Torq Control Hub inner    $8ea
5x  9252 Outer Slipper    $8ea
2x  9622 Outer Hinge Pin Set       $7ea
2x  7677 Offroad Diff Rebuild Kit  $9ea
5x  6579 Diff Drive Rings 2.25:1   $4ea
7x  6575 T-Nut & Diff Bolt   $7ea
5x  7667 Diff Outdrive Right   $7ea
1x  7668 Diff Outdrive Left   $8ea
15x  6573 Diff Thrust Washer & Bolt $6ea
4x  9360 Idler Gear    $4ea
6x  9253 Clutch Disc New B3   $6ea
8x  9603 Slipper Pad    $7ea
8x  6465 Shock Piston 1,2,3 x4     $5ea
5x  7935 .187x.50x.196 Bearing     $8ea
4x  9652 78t Spur Gear    $7ea
5x  9649 72t Spur Gear    $7ea
15x  7381 CVD Rebuild Kit   $10ea
3x  1585 FT Alum Trailing Axle   $10ea
7x  6582 Diff Thrust Ring   $4ea
12x 6574 5/64 Diff thrust Balls   $4ea
3x  9563 Front Bulkhead    $7ea
3x  7666 Drive Rings    $4ea
4x  6222 Nylon Locknuts 4/40-5/40  $6ea
2x  9577 Steering Blocks Inline   $6ea
4x  6568 Spur Gear Screws   $4ea
1x  6473 Shock Bushings    $4ea
1x  6299 1/8 Eclips    $3ea
1x  6277 Ballstud .30 Silver Short $7ea
2x  73395 Rpm Long Shank rod ends 4/40 $8ea
2x  73372 Rpm Heavy Duty rod ends 4/40 $8ea
1x  80022 Rpm Gear Cover               $8ea
4x  9252 outer Slipper      $8ea
4x  6943 FT Blue 8/32 Locknuts    $8ea
4x  9621 Inner Hinge Pin Set    $6ea
5x  9593 30D Caster Block    $7ea
3x  9665 FT Hinge Pin Brace (Blue) $10ea
2x  9599 CVD Set                   $30ea
3x  6441 Shock Cap Molded Set       $7ea
5x  9601 Top shaft             $10ea
1x  9623 Front Inline Axle      $10ea
10x 6440 Shock Rebuild Kit     $7ea
2x  9580 25D Caster Block     $6ea
3x  9651 81T Spur Gear        $7ea
5x  9654 87T Spir Gear      $7ea
1x  7678 Offroad Diff Kit     $30ea
2x  9789 FT Titanium Tailing axles  $18ea
4x  7377 Axle Spacer Crush Tubes    $5ea
8x  7368 3/16 Axle shims            $6ea
3x  6599 Bushings 3/16 x 3/8        $5ea
3x  9571 RR Arm mnt anti squat set  $6

4x 9701 Front Top Deck     $15ea
5x 9702 Rear Top Deck     $14ea
3x 9703 Front Shock Tower    $14ea
6x 9704 Rear Shock Tower    $13ea
5x 9734 Outdrives     $15ea
1x 9709 Center Bulkhead     $6ea
1x 9764 Rear Arm     $9ea
5x 9733 Transmission Case    $6ea
1x 9722 Steering Block     $7ea
1x 9713 Front Bulkhead     $7ea
1x 9726 Rear Chassis Plate    $6ea
2x 9718 Front & Rear Bumper    $6ea
4x 9729 Wing Mounts     $6ea
4x 9719 Body Mounts     $6ea
2x 9743 Steering Set     $7ea
2x 9571 RR Arm Mount Anti Squat Set $6ea
5x 1777 FT Blue Alum Ball/Eyelet   $7ea
4x 1598 FT Blue Alum Shock Caps    $10ea
2x 9717 Frt Hinge Pin Brace    $10ea
4x 9744 Steering Hardware    $8ea
2x 9724 Offset Spring Cups    $5ea
3x 1654 FT Solid Axle Pins    $5ea
6x 9570 Axle Drive Hex     $7ea
3x 9739 Slipper Spring     $4ea
3x 9736 Slipper Shaft     $8ea
1x 9741 Slipper Nut O ring    $5ea
2x 9761 CVA Input Shaft     $7ea
10x 9748 Front CVA Axle     $7ea
2x 9756 Rear CVA Kit     $25ea  
1x 9762 Front Center CVA Kit    $20ea
2x 9763 Rear Center CVA Kit    $20ea
1x 9749 Front CVA Kit     $24ea  
1x 9747 Front CVA Bone     $12ea
2x 9754 Rear CVA Bone     $10ea
4x 9760 Center Bone Rear    $10ea
2x 9725 Front Shock Kit     $35ea
1x 9716 Hinge Pin Set     $7ea
3x 6418 Shock Shaft Gold .71     $7ea
4x 6480 Sock Shaft .71      $6ea
6x 6417 FT Shock Shaft Gold 1.02   $8ea
2x 9715 Front Arm     $8ea
2x 9735 Complete Diff Kit    $34ea
1x 9780 Anti Roll Bar kit    $14ea
2x 6416 FT Shock Shaft Gold 1.32   $7ea
2x 3438 8/32 Locknuts Blue    $7ea
7x 9647 Steering Block Bushing     $7ea
3x 9714 Shock Tower Mounts    $7ea
2x 6481 Springs Rear Black    $6ea
1x 9707 Battery Strap      $7ea
2x 9742 Slipper Drive Cups       $7ea
1x 6459 Shock Shaft 1.02           $6ea
2x 9740 Slipper Nut     $7ea

5x 7448 Rear A Arms     $12
1x 7446 Front A Arms     $12
3x 7447 Front A Arms Carbon    $14
4x 7444 Rear Shock Tower    $12
2x 7462 Dogbone RTR     $8
2x 7442 Front Shock Tower    $8
2x 70762 RPM Front A Arms    $14
5x 7456 Front Axle Trailing    $10
2x 7439 Front Body Mount    $6
1x T7849 Integy Top Plate Blue     $16
4x 9621 Rear Inner Hinge Pin Set   $8

8x 9818 Arm Mount/Chas Plate    $12
3x 9820 Body Mounts Fr/Rear    $10
2x 9821 Body Posts Fr/Rear    $8

1x  5661  CVD Axles Rear w/spacers        $16pr
10x 3211  3&4 Deg 2.350 Toe in bars       $12ea
2x  3500  Wing Mounts                     $8pr
1x  5001  4 Gear Trans Case               $12ea
3x  1310  Rear Bulkhead                   $8ea
7x  6141  Hinge Pin Rear Ti 2.350         $6ea
4x  6142  Hinge Pin Bushing               $5pr
5x  1226  Battery stand off kit           $12ea
4x  3313  Shock Tower CF                  $30ea
2x  5700  Transmission Case Shims         $10ea
3x  1130  Bottom Covers & Motor Plate Sup $8ea
2x  6452  Wheel Washer Black              $8pr
3x  2601  Trailing Axle Front Black       $12pr
4x  3012  Rear Control Arm                $14pr
2x  8021  Body & Masks                    $24ea
5x  025   DDP Susp Shim Kit .10 & .30     $8pk
1x  023   DDP Transmission Brace          $20ea
1x  029   ES Motor Plate Alu Blu/Sil      $25ea
1x  001   ES Camber Link Hanger           $20pr
3x  5560  Flywheel Slipper Brass          $18ea
1x  1006  Plastic Chassis                 $30ea
1x  1223  Battery Brace CF                $18ea

1x  1004  Chassis Plastic                 $35ea
3x  6320  Rear body mounts                $8pr
4x  8260  Body reinforcement kit CF       $14ea
2x  3312  Rear Shock Tower CF             $26ea
4x  8102  Rear Spoiler                    $8ea

Robinson Racing Pinions
1x RRP1013 48P Steel Pinion 13T  7ea
1x RRP1016 48P Steel Pinion 16T  7ea
1x RRP1017 48P Steel Pinion 17T  7ea
2x RRP1018 48P Steel Pinion 18T  7ea
1x RRP1021 48P Steel Pinion 21T  7ea
3x RRP1013 48P Steel Pinion 22T  7ea
5x RRP1023 48P Steel Pinion 23T  7ea
2x RRP1024 48P Steel Pinion 24T  7ea
4x RRP1025 48P Steel Pinion 25T  7ea
2x RRP1026 48P Steel Pinion 26T  7ea
3x RRP1027 48P Steel Pinion 27T  7ea
5x RRP1028 48P Steel Pinion 28T  7ea
3x RRP1029 48P Steel Pinion 29T  7ea
1x RRP1030 48P Steel Pinion 30T  7ea
3x RRP1013 48P Steel Pinion 32T  7ea

1x RRP1324 48P Aluminium Pinion 24T  7ea
1x RRP1325 48P Aluminium Pinion 25T  7ea
3x RRP1330 48P Aluminium Pinion 30T  7ea
2x RRP1331 48P Aluminium Pinion 31T  7ea
2x RRP1332 48P Aluminium Pinion 32T  7ea
3x RRP1333 48P Aluminium Pinion 33T  7ea
2x RRP1334 48P Aluminium Pinion 34T  7ea
2x RRP1337 48P Aluminium Pinion 37T  7ea
6x RRP1339 48P Aluminium Pinion 39T  7ea
2x RRP1341 48P Aluminium Pinion 41T  7ea
3x RRP1343 48P Aluminium Pinion 43T  7ea

2x PNB519 Kawada Aluminium Pinion 19T  7ea

Robinson Racing Spurs
1x RRP1860 48p Pro Spur 60T  8ea
6x RRP1866 48p Pro Spur 66T  8ea
8x RRP1870 48p Pro Spur 70T  8ea
4x RRP1872 48p Pro Spur 72T  8ea
2x RRP1878 48p Pro Spur 78T  8ea
5x RRP1881 48p Pro Spur 81T  8ea
3x RRP1885 48p Pro Spur 85T  8ea
2x RRP1887 48p Pro Spur 87T  8ea

3x RRP1978 48p Super M/S Spur 78T  8ea

1x 161     Kimbrough 48p Spur 73T  9ea
1x 147     Kimbrough 48p Spur 84T  9ea

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