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By: Pickled Tink!  16-Feb-2013
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I know I always say it, but i LOVE my job. I get to snuggle and cuddle newborn babies, and then photograph them looking gorgeous, so why wouldn't I!!! Typically a "newborn" shoot takes place within the first 7-10 days of the cherub being Earthside, so they are usually still sleepy, and all curled up, much like they would have been in the safety and comfort of their mamma's womb. I feel very privileged to be invited into the sacred and intimate space that exists in those early weeks, where Mum and Bub (and Bub and Dad) are still bonding, and Bub is coming into his/her body and learning about life on the outside. I had a challenging start to my early days of parenting, and I am not sure how I would have felt having someone come into my home to photograph my baby. I was terrified of dropping her, or someone else dropping her, which all sounds quite silly now, but it's amazing how much sleep deprivation and post natal depression can mess with your logical mind! As a result, I unfortunately missed out on having someone photograph my deliciously chubby 9lb 5oz bubby which is heartbreaking given I am a photographer! Anyways.....I am now blessed with a steady flow of beautiful Mammas and their beautiful Bubbas....and it is always my absolute pleasure to create gorgeous keepsakes for the family to cherish for years to come. Those newborn days pass so quickly, often in a bit of a blur as we find our feet as parents, corny as it might sound... hearing a Mammas delight as she sees the photos I have created with her gorgeous Bubba is priceless, and worth way more than the fee I am paid! Many photographers insist that newborn shoots take place in their studio. This is often because it is more convenient for them as photographers, both logistically, technically, and in terms of profitability. Given that there is no way I would have been able to (physically or emotionally) have made it to a photographic studio during Treya's first 7-10 days, I don't expect my Mammas or Bubbas to come to me. Mums who have had C-sections are unable to drive, for example, and may not have someone who can drive them to and from the session. I am therefore happy to travel to their home, set up my gear in the best place possible, and do the shoot where Mum and Bub are most comfortable. I'll be honest, shooting in a studio would be easier for me. I could control pretty much everything from lighting to air temperature, and the time it would take me to do so would likely be halved, but it just doesn't feel like the right thing for me to do. My fees include travel within a 50km radius of Ettalong, but of course I am happy to travel to Sydney, Newcastle, the Hunter region etc. In some cases a small fee may be charged to cover additional travel expenses. My most recent newborn shoot was in the Wyong Shire, with gorgeous baby Ivy who was just 6 days old at the time. Mum was unable to drive to me, and was very appreciative of my willingness to travel to her. It really confirmed for me that despite the challenges it can pose from a photographic perspective, travelling to the family home works! When Mum received her photos in the post (on USB) she was delighted! I found it interesting to see the ones she picked out as her "favourites". As is often the cases, Mammas do not always pick the photos that are the best "technically"....they just pick the ones that touch their hearts. (I include all images, even those that I feel are not technically perfect. And I also do not edit out imperfections such as peeling skin, unless Mamma requests it. (This is because I feel our bubbas are perfect just as they are!)

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