Assessments, tutoring and workshops

By: Dyslexia NSW  07-Feb-2011
Keywords: Training, Tutoring, Learning

 Assessment - A comprehensive assessment which includes a family questionnaire, assessment tests and a detailed written report. The report will include test results, a summary of strengths and weaknesses and most importantly Educational Recommendations.

Assessments usually take between 1½ to 2 hours depending on the individual.

Specialist Tutoring - This is NOT just another tutoring service. Specialist tutoring is DIFFERENT. Dyslexic children and those with Specific Learning Difficulties learn differently to other individuals. They require individual tailored programmes which are structured, cumulative and multisensory. Tutoring must draw on their strengths and address their weaknesses. Often individuals have compensated for their weaknesses and masked their difficulties which often means they have poor foundations on which to build. During tutoring sessions the aim is to establish a strong foundation and build on this, enabling individuals to develop and make progress.

Keywords: Assessments, Dyslexia, Learning, Parents, Training, Tutoring, Tutoring Services, Workshops