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By: Carsdaily  02-May-2016
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So you’ve decided you want to buy a particular car. So you need some advice on finding steps to ensure you get a good deal. So do your homework before you decide you are going to spend your hard earned dollars on a car you have your heart set on.. Plenty of research is key: Read road tests, talk to knowledgeable friends and do a bit of research on make/models you are interested in and see what you can find. Don’t worry too much if you find a few negative comments on an enthusiasts’ website.. but make up an entire view of what you want from the advice of others. You’ve contacted the seller and arranged a visit: Make the following check list. • How long has the owner had the car? • How many owners has the car had? • Is there any outstanding finance agreement on the car? • How many Kilometers has it clocked up? • Is there damage to the car? • Servicing & accident history? • Ensure you get a second set of keys with the buy. • Does the condition of the car match the kms done? • Check for rust and oil and water leaks. • Check the clutch system if its manual, a replacement clutch is expensive. • Has the timing belt been changed in the cars lifetime? • Take out the dipstick. Oil level should be between max and min and oil golden colour not dark brown. The Pitfalls To Watch Out For?>> Check the build date: note this is different to a car's compliance date, check this before you sign the contract. Inspects car for dents and scratches: be sure to check under near the bonnet to see if engine and rubber connections are in good order. Always do your research: research a cars price and have a price in mind. Never buy a car without seeing or inspecting: That’s just asking for trouble. Complete a REVS check: There could be finance owning on the car you should check this before making any sort of automobile purchase. Complete a accident history check : This is particularly true for new commers , the last thing you want to do is make a big purchase on a car that's had a bad history.

Keywords: Buy Car, Buy Car Online