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By: Rob Montgomery Mpro Services Pty Ltd Professional Counsellor/Psychotherapist  14-Dec-2011
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When business consultant, Rob Montgomery, became increasingly aware of the huge emotional and mental stress his clients often suffered as small business owners and managers he found a way to help them.

Work-related stress affects one in five Australians and is often attributed to long working hours, pressure to complete too many tasks, financialdistress and sensitive business transactions.

Realising that the issue was more than client addictions to ‘crackberries’, Montgomery, enrolled in a counselling and psychotherapy course at Jansen Newman Institute.

“I noticed that discussions with my clients took many paths and they were often looking for more than business advice. Their jobs, while often stressful, are also affected by the day to day personal issues and many don’t have effective coping mechanisms.

“I wanted to help, but felt I needed proper qualifications to confidently offer more comprehensive guidance and advice,” says Montgomery.

Montgomery, now 63, recently graduated from Jansen Newman Institute and as a qualified Psychotherapist feels he has attained the added credibility he was looking for in business consulting.

“The combination of my business experience and psychotherapy skills allows me to address two sides of my business clients – the personal and the professional,” he said.

“For different reasons, people can become ‘addicted’ to work. Emotionally-strong people like the sense of accomplishment from pushing themselves. More insecure people use work as an anchor point in their lives,” says Montgomery.

In addition to business consulting, Montgomery operates a clinic one day a week in North Ryde, and specialises in couples counselling, workplace stress and assertiveness.

Montgomery says counselling suits those with a passion for helping people to re-adjust, be decisive and have confidence, and can make one’s own life richer. His own studies have ignited further passion in his own career.

“Another attraction of counselling is that it is not an ‘ageist’ career; I can pursue it well into the future, past the traditional retirement period,” he concludes.

The Australia Institute, June 2010.

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