Full Body Reiki with Crystal Therapy & Chakra & Aura Healing

Full Body Reiki with Crystal Therapy & Chakra & Aura Healing from SPIRIT WISDOM

By: SPIRIT WISDOM  07-May-2014
Keywords: Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Healing

Treatments consists of you holding energy balancing crystals while laying on a Reiki table with a crystal meditation mat that also helps with energy balancing. I begin with some brief intuitive profiling using kinesiology to find the main area of impact of disturbance for any condition or issue that you are suffering, & to find the most appropriate Targeted healing corrections for you, to be performed during & after the Full Body Reiki treatment. A chakra analysis is then performed before placing chakra crystals & extra boosting crystals on any imbalanced chakras. Shaman stones are also used to further help with chakra balancing & alignment. Chakra singing bowls may also be used to help open the 'imbalanced' chakras shown before laying my hands in a variety of positions for a Full Body Reiki & Chakra treatment & allowing Reiki to flow, as well as using Crystal Therapy techniques for chakra & aura healing. I finish the treatment with aura healing with crystals, & aura cleansing with either a Tibetan Bowl & Bell, Smudging, Shaman drumming, or working with a clear quartz pendulum, as guided by Spirit for what is needed for your highest good. You then have a few minutes to remain still while I record all findings of your entire treatment before gently waking you from your relaxed state. All guidance & information received & passed on to you, is from the amount of & where the Reiki is being drawn, as well as directly from your Guides & Angels. NB: Deceased Loved Ones can also make their presence known during your treatment.

Keywords: Chakra Balancing, Chakra Healing, Crystal Healing, Intuitive Healing, Psychic Healing, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

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BECOMING SPIRIT WISE 2 day INTENSIVE workshop are booked by demand if you have a friend or 2, or you can nominate which day combo you are interested in. If interested in attending booking a workshop, then please contact me on 0405 559 561. In this 2 day workshop you will receive healing, guidance & awareness of how to work with your Guides & Angels, & your chakras, to change & improve your life, body & soul & how to open up your psychic 'clairs'.

Working with SYMBOLIC SIGNS & SYMBOLS Wisdom Cards Workshop from SPIRIT WISDOM thumbnail

Working with SYMBOLIC SIGNS & SYMBOLS Wisdom Cards Workshop

"Working With SYMBOLIC SIGNS & SYMBOLS Wisdom Cards” Workshops are booked by demand, so if interested, contact me to book a workshop. Learn how to effectively work with the cards, individually & as their grouping & their many combinations, & learn the symbolic nature of images & guidance, using a variety of methods & spreads, firstly for yourself, & then for others & how Spirit gives guidance in your everyday reality.


CHAKRA & AURA healing with Reiki & Crystal Therapy

Receive a chakra analysis to find the state of your chakras & have crystals placed & activated on your 7 major chakras. Reiki & Crystal therapy is performed for Chakra & Aura Healing & balancing, as well as bringing your energies back into balance, Suitable for any physical or emotional conditional. Half hour = $50 1hr = $75



Choice of two (2) styles of Gift Vouchers for any amount or any reading or healing appointment, workshop or monthly group participation. Available for purchase from SPIRIT WISDOM's healing room (Barton Street, East Maitland...arranged time), or at any festivals.

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TAROT THERAPY readings for healing & improving your LIFE, BODY & SOUL & eliminating life's problems, directly from your Guides & Angels, through clairvoyance & clairsentience, using psychometry, Tarot Cards, Symbolic Signs & Symbols Wisdom Cards. Your reading may also include Mediumship & Medical Intuition, as well as Angelic Therapy.


CRYSTAL & SOUND Chakra Balancing Monthly Session

Monthly group balancing session Last Wednesday of the month. 10am - 12pm $25 Receive a chakra analysis to find the 'problem' chakras & either sit in a crystal grid or lay day with crystals placed on your chakras, before enjoying the benefits of Singing bowls, & Reiki, to help bring your chakras & energies back into balance, improving your outlook, health & overall wellbeing.


Monthly DREAM THERAPY Cirlce

DREAM THERAPY Circle held every 2nd Wednesday of the month 10am - 12pm $15. Dreams provide us with insight into our emotional & mental states & issues, as well as provide guidance & healing, & in these Dream Therapy Circles you will discover what your dreams are trying to show you & how you can improve your waking life.



MEDITATION is held every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month from 10am - 12pm. .$15.00 Enjoy a relaxing morning being guided through a meditation that is guided by Spirit for the highest good of everyone present for healing, guidance, or relaxation with your guides, Angels & Archangels.


REIKI workshops

Learn how to heal yourself & others with this natural hands on healing technique that not only helps speed the healing of chronic & cute symptoms, but also treats the causes. All levels of Reiki provided...Reiki 1, 2, Master Practitioner & Master Teacher training.



A beautiful 100 card deck that not only gives you Immediate guidance, but also teaches you how spirit & the Universe can give you guidance in your everyday life, with chakras, Angel Numbers, Animals, everyday objects, nature, tarot references, Runes & Deities.

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Reiki Treatments with Tracey can be a shortened treatment that focusses on the main area of complaint, or a full Chakra & Aura Healing with Crystal Therapy & Reiki, that includes Intuitive Profiling to find main area of impact, chakra analysis, chakra crystals & crystal therapy, chakra & aura therapy, Reiki, Angelic Therapy & Targeted Healing Corrections.

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage with Tracey Includes massaging of upper back & arms, neck, scalp, face & ears & includes Reiki & is great for headaches & other aches & pains, stress & anxiety, as well as improved scalp, hair & skin condition.