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By: Hawkesbury Music Studio  31-May-2014
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Hawkesbury Music Studio Services: * Professional music recording & mixing (for solo artists & duets) * Flawless music editing for dance routines (serving nationwide via email) * Music mastering (all styles) * Sound production tutoring (one on one) * Voice over recording for TV, radio & internet commercials * Audio book narration recording * Digital conversion of records & cassettes (to CD or Mp3) * Digital conversion of VHS Tapes (to DVD or avi/mov/mp4 etc.) * Sound effects for dance and theatre performances * Custom workout music for fitness centres & gyms * Creative photo/music DVD slideshows for weddings & award nights ---------------------------- Do you need a highly professional service but prefer a studio that is local, small and friendly? Hawkesbury Music Studio is just that! At Hawkesbury Music Studio you will have the opportunity to have your songs professionally recorded and mixed by James: a full-time Sound Engineer with 18 years experience and an Advanced Diploma in Sound Production. All musicians are welcome - from amateur to professional. James also teaches one-on-one sound production classes. To make an appointment or for more info, please contact James: 0490 077 558 [email protected] ---------------------------- Studio Features: * Record using the best vocal microphone in the world - the Neumann M147 Tube Condenser microphone. * Acoustically treated room - the only echoes, background noise and reverberation you will have in your recordings are the ones we add on purpose to make it sound better. * Yamaha HS80M studio speakers - the most accurate studio monitors on the planet allow for superior mixing. * The Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 interface can record 12 sources simultaneously and will capture your recordings completely clean without any distortion or colouring. * Protools 10 recording software plus thousands of the best quality multi-sampled instruments and drum machines are all available for you to add to your compositions. (Reason, Sampletank & Komplete 8) * Universal Audio plug-ins - the highest quality digital audio tools on the market will bring your songs to life and create a professional mix of your music. ---------------------------- To make an appointment or for more info, please contact James: 0490 077 558 [email protected]

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