By: sydney tours r us  15-Nov-2016
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One of the best highlights from our day will be the stop at Scenic World. The entry fee is $39 which can be a little pricey for some which is why we make this an optional extra for all our passengers. If you choose to enter you will be well rewarded with 4 unique and special attractions. First, we start with the Scenic Skyway which takes you up over the valley and with a glass bottom the cable car travels past the Katoomba falls. Once you arrive at the Scenic world on the Skyway you will then travel down the Scenic Railway. This is the world’s steepest incline railway and is at roughly 40 degrees angle. It is a unique experience and will transport you all the way down to the bottom of the valley. Once there you can have a unique view of the three sisters, the Jamisson Valley and also the sandstone cliff faces. At the bottom is a lush temperate rainforest. Take a walk on the rainforest boardwalk which you can do for either 30 minutes or a shorter 15-minute walk if you choose. Hear the calls of the lyrebirds and other Australian birds waiting for you at the bottom. On the other side of the rainforest is the Scenic Cable car which is a unique vernacular which will transport you back up the cliff face to the top. As you make your up you can take in stunning valley scenery, see the sandstone cliff faces and the special orphan rock which you pass right by. Once back at the top, you can enjoy the souvenir shops and your guide will be with you the entire time to make sure you have the best experience possible. Definitely a highlight of the day.

Keywords: Adventure Tours, Fishing Tours, Fishing Trips, National Parks