Recycled Timber Leaves Eco Freindly Footprint

Recycled Timber Leaves Eco Freindly Footprint from Reborn Timber

By: Reborn Timber  26-Jan-2016
Keywords: Timber Flooring, Sandstone, Hardwood

Reborn Timber boasts the highest quality recycled timber flooring, beams and posts available on the eastern seaboard along with a huge supply of sandstone blocks and foundation stones. Environmentally, the majority of these aged timbers come from a world of virgin forests in a time man thought limitless. Now some of theses species are down to 4% old growth forest and are endangered. Many from logging and bush-fires from old slash and burn techniques thankfully no longer used today in Australia nor New Zealand. We cant change the past however, by reusing recycled timber we can ethically and ecologically help sustain an old building source and support a solution to continued deforestation, related climate change and help protect what is left of these unique bio-diversities. And each piece of timber is a carbon storage unit so the longer it is utilised the better. Beyond the environmental benefits, Structural Quality is second to none. Sourced from old mansions, houses, churches, structural buildings, bridges and wharfs built in the late 1800s and the early 1900s, Reborn Timber guarantees each floor board, beam or post is truly seasoned in the very region it will be re-used in. This means Reborn recycled Timber is regionally suited to home renovators, builders, project managers and architects searching for a major structural upside. Where newly felled plantation or old growth forest (Green Timber), can bend or warp due to water content and differing humidity if not seasoned properly, in time a good percentage can shrink, bend, twist, leave gaps between boards or squeak under foot due to warping. Reborn Timber is in most cases, over 100 years seasoned sourced for the region, for the region. Species range through many highly sort after Kauri and Remu Pines, Ironwood, Spotted Gum, Red Iron Bark, Cypress, Tallowwood, Oregon, Huon Pine, King Billy Pine, Baltic Pine, Jarrah and more. There is more information about each tree species geographical locations and logging histories on Reborn Timber website.

Keywords: Building Material, Hardwood, Pine Timber, Recycled Timber, Sandstone, Timber Flooring