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By: AMP Life Coaching  23-Feb-2016
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Human beings have six primary human needs: 1) Certainty – Things we can count on for sure (we have a roof over our head, money to pay our bills, food to survive, etc.) 2) Variety 3) Significance (we matter and are important) 4) Love and Connection 5) Growth (grow and evolve as a human being) and 6) Contribution (contributing to and making the lives of others better, when we focus on this need all the other 5 are met at the same time). Everything we do in life is either directly or indirectly meeting our six human needs. As I listen for clues during phone coaching sessions, I can pick up things such as where a client has a limiting belief that is in conflict with one of their goals. Most of the time people can not see where their own limiting beliefs make it impossible for them to achieve their goals. I help them see where they are sabotaging their own success so they can then create a new empowering belief system and world view that supports attainment of their goals. That is why we all need coaches. Coaches see what we can’t. Great coaches help us push right up to and through our own limitations. We are ALWAYS capable of more than we think when we really push ourselves. Human beings will do more to avoid pain than they will do to gain pleasure. So what I do quite literally, is help people identify their own limiting beliefs and then change their “story” and help them create a new empowering and positive belief system that will give them emotional leverage to make it easy to break through their own limitations and make their greatest dreams a reality. For the process and more information, visit our website:!performance-coaching/imws7

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