Chronic Fatigue Treatment

By: Christopher Booth Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine  10-Aug-2011
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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about how to overcome your chronic fatigue. I treat case after case, every week, and I have sent many happy recovered patients back to their old life full of energy. It's why I love what I do.

Chronic fatigue sufferers generally seek out alternative treatment methods because of the shortage of modern medical treatment options that aren’t just symptomatic relief or that don’t come with heavy side effects.

People look for alternatives because their condition is far too debilitating to simply wait for it to correct itself of its own accord.

Unfortunately, the search for an alternative is not an easy one. There is an array of alternative approaches available, some with potential, others dubious at best. Frustratingly, very few provide enough information to be able to make an informed decision.

If you do not accept the “do-nothing-lie-in-bed-and-wait” approach, and are in search of an acceptable and safe treatment option, this webpage is designed to provide you with enough information to be able make an informed decision.

The strengths of this traditional Chinese medicine as a system for treating chronic fatigue are:

•A long history of treating fatigue syndromes, and as a result, a deep theoretical understanding of the processes involved.
•Medicine that is carefully tailored to each individual case. This is important! One size DOES NOT fit all especially when treating chronic fatigue.
•Side effects are rare.

What this medicine is NOT:

•A new or experimental therapy, nor an alternative health fad.
This is established and time tested medicine.
•A quick magical fix.
It is a gradual and focused correcting of a chronic health imbalance.
•A masking of symptoms.
While some attention needs to be paid to making you more comfortable, the major focus of treatment is addressing the deeper root cause. This approach gives a slower result in terms of relief of symptoms, but puts you in a much better position long term.
•A radical elimination diet.
Yes you may be sensitive to certain foods, and for the time being it may be helpful to reduce your intake of them, but in this school of thought, the sensitivity most likely is a result of your weakened system not the cause of it. Slowly rebuilding your strength will generally, in turn, reduce your sensitivity.

How long will my recovery take?

The number of visits and expected recovery time will depend on the history and severity of your fatigue. At your initial consultation we will discuss the expected length of your treatment course. As a guide, a mild chronic fatigue case may be treated over 3-4 months, with a noticeable increase in energy levels after 6-8 weeks. A more moderate case might be treated over 6-8 months.

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Keywords: Chronic Fatigue

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