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By: Aquabocci  11-Aug-2011
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Steel is the most commonly used alloy for making stainless steel grates these days. Steel is more ductile and malleable than iron, therefore, it is preferred for making stainless steel drain over iron.

Stainless steel grate drains have proved to be a blessing for all Australian households as mess in the house can be annoying for the whole family. To make the everyday living more comfortable, it becomes a challenge for a family to keep the house neat and tidy. Mostly, dirt and garbage gets assembled in kitchen, bathroom and basemen, if that is the area marked for washing machine and dryer, and that’s where one thinks of stainless steel drain as they can be used in kitchen and bathroom to avoid all kinds of clutter in the house.

Stainless steel shower grate have become popular because it allows water to pass through it smoothly, without clogging and by not letting toilet residuals like hair, soap froth, toilet papers, etc. pass through it. Because of such efficient stainless steel shower grate, the drains also do not get blocked, which eliminates the plumbing needs. Stainless steel shower grates are good for area exposed to salt and chlorine, therefore they are used near the swimming pools and gardens for convenience. Water puddles are formed near the swimming pools and lawns often, which lead to rusting of grate drains. Therefore, stainless steel shower grates are vital for these areas.

Kitchen is one area in the house where installing stainless steel grate drains are most important because litter from the kitchen can create foul smell and makes it difficult to stay in the house. Stainless steel grate drains help in avoiding litter and foul smell.

Stainless Steel grate drains are also preferred because they do not rust, hence the cleaning becomes easier. Stainless Steel grates are used in barbeque smokers to avoid contamination in food due to rusting. Stainless steel grates may slightly seem expensive, so the cost of the equipment increases. But it pays off in the long run. Stainless Steel drains are durable and dependable; therefore life of that product increases where stainless steel grates are used.

Recently, innovative, modular, stylish and size-adjustable stainless steel drain is available as per the demand of architects and building professionals. Custom made stainless steel drains are helpful in case of renovation, as it gets fixed in the old structure, allowing a prestigious finish.
We at Aquabocci have a wide range of Stainless Steel Drain and Stainless Steel Shower Grate. Also, Stainless Steel Grates available with us can be custom made as per your needs. For your Stainless Steel Grate Drains needs Contact us at

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