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By: Aquabocci  18-Jun-2011
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The lifeline of any eating joint is its Kitchen. Kitchen area is the most used and misused area of a hotel, café or restaurant. Any kitchen expert would divide the entire space into three broad categories – storage, washing and cooking area – the rest is functional.

The prerequisite of every storage and washing area in a kitchen that make these spaces hygienic is its drains. Stainless steel drain grates ensure effective passage of water and their proper cleaning keeps clogging away. The drain systems have developed greatly in terms of convenience and quality. The stainless steel drain grates along with alloy drains are a blessing as far as keeping kitchen area clean. The stainless steel drain grates and alloy drains do not spoil the aesthetics of the place and at the same time, do not compromise on the utility front.

Likewise, the drainage of shower stalls in the toilets has also changed over the years. The stainless steel shower grate ensures quick passage of water without clogging. Shower grates ensure limited wetting and quick drying of the area. Stainless shower grates or any other kinds of shower grates hold a primary advantage of quick drying without leaving patches and water stains on any alloy drains.

These multifunctional drainage systems like, stainless shower grates and alloy drains are popularly used around the swimming pool, shower area, kitchen sinks, etc. Shower grates or stainless steel shower grates are used at all places where aesthetic drainage is required. Stainless steel drain grates, along with alloy drains are very useful in maintaining cleanliness and good appeal at places like tennis courts, clubs, patios, etc.

Alloy drains are easy to install and are used with stainless steel shower grate in spas and salons also.  Stainless steel shower grate is preferred by many primarily because of its alloy. Shower grates connect the drainage pipes solidly and are effective tools for very handyman. Stainless shower grates ensure solidity after the layout is executed and stainless steel drain grates.

Stainless steel drain grates simply add to the aesthetics of the exterior of all alloy drains. Stainless steel shower grate is also preferred because of its rust-free nature. Stainless shower grates are much in use for setting up drains at swimming pools, tennis courts and spas. Shower grates are also installed in the drains that are set up around the lawn edges to prevent water spilling on ground.

From washing area in kitchen to shower area around swimming pools, stainless steel drain grates, along with alloy drains continue to add good appeal to all drain installations.

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