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By: Aquabocci  18-Jun-2011
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Thinking about remodeling your driveway? You must consider the new options available for driveway drains. Longevity is a major aspect when deciding driveway construction. Best of designs cannot make a good driveway if good quality products are not used while making the driveway drains. 

Gravel and other porous materials were the first choice of people when they were thinking of making or remodeling the driveway drains because they lasted for a longer period. A layer of gravel was enough to help the excess water seep down to soil. But the problem is that driveways have a short span between street and the garage. One would not like excess water to accumulate in the garage as it would not only damage the car, but will also attract mosquitoes. Also we cannot push excess water on the streets so we have to hurl the asphalt on the middle of the driveway and install adriveway drain at a low point. This can be done by installing a grate which will connect to the solid pipe under the asphalt to pitch the water away from the street and garage. 

For driveway drains, a variety of grates are available like aluminium grates, stainless steel grates, alloy grates, etc. The longevity of stainless steel drains or any other metal grate drains is unmatchable to other gravels or PVC items. 

It is also important to have driveway drains that are child-proof, especially if you have children at home. Also, water can cause rusting and damage many metals, but if we use stainless steel grates for stainless steel drains, the weather will not be able to damage the stainless steel grates. Also, alloy grates are made from fully anodized alloy which makes them completely weather proof. 

The variety of lineal grates enables us to create a custom made driveway drain. Aluminum grates increase the surface hardness which allows lubrication and coloring. Aluminium grates are cheaper than stainless steel grates. Therefore, you may choose to install aluminium grates if you are not opting for a stainless steel drain, due to cost. 

Using stainless steel grates to make a stainless steel drain will enable you to create stylish and astounding driveway drains. Using alloy grates will enable you to customize the color of your driveway according to your taste and need. Also, it will avoid puddles of water which will be tracked away to septic tanks by alloy grates. 

It is important to have a driveway drain which is able to cope with heaviest downpour or any other type of weather conditions. 

Looking for marvelous and trendy driveway? Contact us at 30 Raymond Ave, Mattraville, NSW, 2036, T. 0410 505 222, E. for stainless steel drains or for driveway drains made using aluminium grates, stainless steel grates, alloy grates.

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