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By: Aquabocci  11-Aug-2011
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Now-a-days, stainless steel drain grates are used in almost all buildings, pavements and driveways. They are also widely used around swimming pools that are installed privately in homes and built for public use. These swimming pools have shower grates installed around them. The idea behind their use is that stainless steel drain grates are corrosion resistant and avoid the spilling of water. This in turn helps in maintaining cleanliness and a dry surface around the pool. Similarly, stainless shower grates help in the easy flow of water into the main drainage pipe, leaving the residue and other garbage behind, thereby, avoiding pipe blockage.

Shower grates are equally popular and in-vogue in homes. Stainless shower grates are resistant to reactions by chemicals found in dishwashing solutions and other dirt. Stainless steel shower grates also have the same properties but are sturdier and can be exposed to extreme climates, such as hot water and steam without getting spoilt. The stainless shower grates and the stainless steel shower grates both look chic and give a smart look to washrooms and bathroom stalls. The looks and interiors of a house automatically get enhanced when the washrooms exude a rich look with stainless steel shower grates. Moreover, as they are made of stainless steel, they wouldn’t rust and would have a longer life span. Thus, Shower grates are easy to maintain and keep clean. They easily blend with any décor and are rapidly gaining admiration worldwide. 

A recent survey revealed that there is an increasing trend of modular and customized homes with modern bathrooms and kitchens using shower grates. The percentage of people employingstainless steel shower grates in their washrooms and stainless steel drain grates in their kitchens and garages has gone up stupendously in the past few years. This is due to the fact that apart from their stylish look, they are a smarter way to prevent blockages.

Besides their use in kitchens, stainless steel drain grates are a very important safety measure. Whether light rainfall or heavy downpours, drainage is necessary along the side-walks. They prevent damage to pavement or property, and lessen hazards caused by water-logging. They reduce chances of accidents and injuries. 

Thus, if one has installed stainless shower grates in their homes driveways and swimming pools, they need not be concerned about their own safety or of their property or even of their drainage pipes for that matter.

We at Aquabocci have a wide range of Stainless Steel Drain and Stainless Steel Shower Grate. Also, Stainless Steel Grates available with us can be custom made as per your needs. For your Stainless Steel Grate Drains needs Contact us at

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