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By: Toho engine oil   09-Nov-2015
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Toho9000 offers us numerous features and benefits – 1. Long-lasting neutralising effect. 2. Oil-filter replacements only once in 200,000km 3. High levels of heat resistance to reinforce the protection of engine oil, lubricants and engine components. 4. Increased engine and machine performance 5. Acts as a cooling agent for the oil. 6. Acid-proofs oil and disperse impurities. 7. Rapid separation of oil and water. 8. Substantial reduction in oil and fuel consumption 9. Reduces exhaust emission. 10. Improved longevity of engine usage by reducing wear and tear. 11. Noise-level reduction from operational engines. 12. Prevents corrosion and rust. 13. Provides a protective coating. 14. Maintains oil viscosity and engine protection qualities at extreme temperatures. It prevents oil from freezing and allows easy ignition even at sub-zero temperatures down to -45 degrees Celsius. 15. Contains no harmful substances and no side-effects. Toho9000 is 100% mineral based; utilising only safe, sustainable substances for environmental protection. 16. Extends overall engine lifespan. 17. Acts as a cleaning agent.

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