X-Floss Dental Floss Range

X-Floss Dental Floss Range from Piksters

By: Piksters  23-Jun-2016
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These are new types of improved fluffy floss with a much better, stiffer threader that allows easy entry of the fluffy floss which removes bacteria and debris from underneath bridges and in gaps between teeth. The attached plastic floss threader doesn't go soft or buckle when wet or dry, and Is more reliable and easier to use. Simply poke the plastic threader into the gap between the tooth and the gum, and pull it and the floss through from the other side. You use the threader which is attached to the floss, and you can also purchase floss threader as a stand-alone item called X-Threader and use it with any floss. The green woolly floss cleans out large areas efficiently and catches more plaque in the fibre than ordinary floss. There is also a new, blue, "lite" version that is not as thick, so if you find the green one a bit too buky, try the blue version.

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