Family Healing

By: The Qi Centre  05-Jan-2014
Keywords: Spiritual Healing, Spirit Guides, Genetics

We share the same frequency of those who have created us, our parents. They, in turn share the frequency of their own parents. Following that system of energy frequency, many negative patterns, traumas and sicknesses are passed down to the next generation, like invisible "scars" of the energy system. This energy legacy presents as a kind of blue-print that defines the family energy character in a unique way. Everything our parents and forebears have experienced, said, thought and felt is recorded in this energy which is passed on to us when we are conceived, and we pass it on to our children. Although there are many positive aspects to inherited energies, the negative sides often create disruption at both physical and emotional levels. As we receive negative energies from our ancestors, our bodies are formed with any "pre-existing" weaknesses. This is shown in inherited blockages which are shared by nearly all family members. The Family Healing focuses on healing negative patterns passed down the generations. Many people find it can be the stimulus to release deep-rooted emotional issues, heal the pain of the past and promote better harmony within the family

Keywords: Emotional Trauma, Family Frequency, Family Healing, Genetics, Healing The Past, Qi Healing, Spirit Guides, Spiritual Healing, Trans-Generational Healing,

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