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By: Menstuff - Professional Coaching, Counselling & Workshops for Men  07-Apr-2011
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Extract from an article that was published in the Sunday Telegraph (Australia)  Body and Soul Section in August 2007. It was written by Nigel Bartlett, who attended the men’s group.

"By the end of the fourth session, I’m astounded at how honest and intimate a group of guys can be with each other – with no enforced hugging or nudity. I feel I’ve got to know these guys a bit over the weeks and we’ve created some sort of bond. Most of the guys decide the bond is strong enough that they want to carry on meeting up each month. And that (it seems to me) is the point of Integral Man – to create a forum for guys to talk with each other, and if they want to continue doing that after the sessions have finished, so much the better. Integral Man might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s okay. No point in going along if you don’t want to. But it taught me something I won’t forget in a hurry: it’s good to talk."

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