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By: Budget Credit Repair Pty. Ltd.  25-Feb-2014
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Have you recently discovered that you have bad credit history? Have you been rejected because of your bad credit score? Has your credit provider offered you higher than expect interest rates, fees or charges because of your credit history? No one deserves to be disadvantaged by negative credit listings like payment defaults, court judgements or enquiries. Australia has over 14 million active credit files with more than 3 million negative listings. Budget Credit Repair employs specialists in the credit repair process. We can assist in the removal of: PAYMENT DEFAULTS Payment Defaults are the most common negative listing and remain on your credit file for 5 years, even if paid. Defaults can be removed under certain circumstances. Through Budget Credit Repair’s payment default removal process, we work with the creditor, the credit reporting agency and various ombudsmen, to quickly remove defaults listings from your credit file. Act now, don’t let a late payment prevent you from achieving your credit goals, car or home ownership, phone contracts, credit cards and even access to power and water can be denied by even a single negative listing. ENQUIRIES Enquiries are recorded on your credit file whenever you apply for credit. The more enquiries on your credit file, the greater the risk creditors will view you to be. Removing enquiries can be an easy way to quickly improve your credit score. COURT JUDGEMENTS A Court Judgment on your credit file can have a significant impact on your ability to secure credit. Most creditors will view court judgments as serious and as such either denies you credit outright, or charge a higher rate of interest. A court judgment will remain on your credit file for 5 years, even if paid. Often people don’t even know that they have a judgment against them. Budget Credit Repair specialises in their removal with a dedicated judgment legal team. CLEAROUTS Clearouts on your credit file are negative listings resulting from creditors being unable to contact you regarding money owed, after as little as 60 days. Clearouts remain on your credit file for 7 years. Clearout listings on your credit file will prevent you from securing credit because of a perceived risk of ‘abandonment’. Budget Credit Repair can contact creditors on your behalf using various legal and legislative methods to force creditors to remove clearout listings. CROSSED or LINKED CREDIT FILES A small percentage of credit files are Crossed or Linked, because of the information provided to credit reporting agency’s by creditors, when a customer applies for credit. If a credit reporting agency links your credit file to someone else, based on the information provided, creditors will not get the correct information when you apply for credit. In some instances people with poor credit history will attempt to change their identity rather than seek the services of a credit repair organisation. Budget Credit Repair understands the internal processes credit reporting agencies apply to ‘crossed or link files’. We can identify and correct any crossed or linked credit files, allowing you to apply for credit using your own credit history. Not addressing crossed or linked credit files can lead to more serious ‘Identity theft’, which can have far wider consequences for you and those sharing your family name. Why should you use Budget Credit Repair? The answer is simple….Budget Credit Repair was setup with the goal to ‘protect our clients’ that is; to only service clients who will benefit from our service and only signup clients who can afford our service. You can rest assured that Budget Credit Repair will only take on your negative listing if we believe we can help. On top of that we only charge on successful removal of a negative listing i.e. ‘no win, no success fee’.

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