Quantum Vortex Healing

Quantum Vortex Healing from The Presence of Love

By: The Presence of Love  16-Oct-2012
Keywords: Back Pain, Alternative Medicine, Reiki

Quantum Vortex Healing: the revolutionary new healing modality to assist humanity during these transformational times! Quickly Upgrade your mind, body & soul! Feel every cell of your body come alive, be cleansed and renewed with the healing power of the ‘Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photonic Pulse’. Feel Lighter, regain Clarity, Presence, sense of Divine Power, Joy and Peace! See our website (www.thepresenceoflove.com) for a full description. The infinite Quantum Vortex is a pure scalar wave supra energy that works on the whole human body as it has the power to heal through the holograms of fractals. Human body is a replicating fractal design and so can be healed instantly with the scalar wave. This supra energy field cleans and recalibrates discordant chakras, aura, and obtrusions from electromagnatic radiation. Especially helpful for all those who use mobile phones, computers, watch tv etc. Toxins are removed from the blood and organs. Kosmic psychic surgery is done, faulty genes are cleared and brain is re-calibrated and re-patterned. DNA activations are done, nano level healing is done, each cell will feel worked upon. Diamondoid Light is infused through the pulse flowing out from the hands of the healer. Repatterns our blueprinting, recircuiting of the nervous system. Gently opens the body’s energy centres and reconnect them to Source. The automatic scan done shows one where we are losing our power and to fill up the lack how we use energy-psychic attacks on others through discordant energy chords. Heals and clears misalignments and illness in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies cause by genetic make-up and astral attacks. Returns confused and wounded parts of us back to our true Selves to be healed. Many people are ungrounded due to immense amount of stress and fear circulating in our environments. This Vortex Healing helps to ground safely.

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Back Pain, Energy Healing, Natural Therapy, Psychic Services, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

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