7 Level Reiki

By: The Presence of Love  12-Oct-2010
Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

 original 7 Level Reiki is a highly effective form of energetic healing which has its origins in India and ancient Tibet. It's a type of natural therapy that directs & applies universal life energy through a gentle touch-activated “hands on” treatment. This vital energy is essential for your health and well-being on a daily basis and can become depleted through stress and daily activities.

Reiki assists on all levels physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and supports the body's natural ability to heal itself. Among the benefits of reiki:
* has a profoundly calming effect on stress, tension, & A.D.D. conditions
* replenishes and balances your energy
* clears energy channels & meridians, promoting feelings of bliss
* calms the mind & emotions
* supports you during times of crises and depression
* detoxifies the body & boosts the immune system
* speeds up recovery from illness & injury
* relieves aches & pains (e.g. arthritis & rheumatic pains)
Most common sessions are 90 min Full Body Session, 60 min Healing Session and 2 hour Full Body Bliss Session. We practise in two beautiful healing centres on the Northern Beaches in Forrestville or Newport. Mobile services available as well. 

Keywords: Alternative Medicine, Energy Healing, Natural Therapy, Reiki, Spiritual Healing

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