Public Speaking

By: Simon Franklin  04-Dec-2010
Keywords: Marketing, Mentor, Entrepreneur

My speaking style has been described as dynamic, interactive and practical. I deliver high quality insight based on my experience, current affairs and research.

I am highly rated as a speaker on the conference circuit globally, I am driven to making conferences more purposeful, enjoyable and valued by all. I have delivered speaking engagements in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and right across South East Asia.

I have a diverse background allowing my keynotes, workshops, in-house programs, seminars to be highly tailored, up-to-date and always relevant.

My most popular and requested topics are:

  • The Importance Of Building Strategy Before Plans
  • How To Make Better Decisions
  • Business Risk, What Is It? What Does It Mean?
  • How To Turn Ideas Into Commercial Success
  • How To Raise Capital & Grow
  • Getting Your Mind Right
  • The Secrets Of Professional Services Success
  • The Key Benefits Of Mentoring
  • How To Get The Most From Mentoring
  • Don’t Think Sales & Marketing, Think Distribution
  • Are You Thinking Of Taking Your Business Public?
  • Investment Risks Explained

Keywords: Advisor, Business Coach, Coaching and Mentoring, Consulting Firms, Entrepreneur, Experience, Grow, Improve Business, Marketing, Mentor, Mentoring Services, Private Equity, Profit, Strategy

Other products and services from Simon Franklin


Corporate Advice & Private Equity

Benefit from my team's skills in the following areas: Attract equity investors; Negotiate contracts; Structure your business for growth; Strengthen your management team; Grow internationally; Manage your risks; Engineer your finances; Build your strategy & execute efficiently.


Business Events

Meet like-minded business people that want to share ideas, work collaboratively and build support teams.  Tap into a pool of talent that you and your clients can utilise to achieve great results.


Business Mentoring Program

The benefits for you and the business will be to: Feel empowered to make changes; Build and maintain positive mindset; Feel more excited about your business; Feel less isolated; Develop new ideas; Test new ideas and explore business opportunities; Raise productivity; Build confidence in your business plans; Make clearer decisions; Grow the business and attract new clients; Share my experience, skills and knowledge; and Connect with experts that can assist you when required.