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By: Healing Coffs Harbour Therapy  09-Aug-2011
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Light Axis Healing Coffs Harbour Can Help You To:

Heal any condition, trauma, illness or disease.
Heal chronic pain and suffering.
Heal Stress and Worrying.
Release Depression, addiction and weight issues.
Release Addiction to smoking or alcohol.
Release Anxiety, phobias and bad habits.
Release negative energy from your body, mind and feelings.
Accentuate your good energy and your good qualities.
Be and express your true self.
Recognise what your purpose is.
Have goals and achieve them.
Be loved, happy, healthy, secure, safe, certain, successful and satisfied.
Be abundant in terms of love, happiness, health, enjoyment and money.
Be healthy in body, feelings and mind.
Manifest and have what you want.
Have the experiences and results you want.
Grow spiritually and evolve.
Expand your intuition and awareness.
Release negative cords, hooks and others from your life.
Bring in the others that are good for you into your life.
Restore youthfulness, beauty and vitality.
Increase motivation and energy levels.
Enjoy the journey more.
Stay in the here and now.
Reprogram your subconscious mind.
Create the reality that you want and enjoy.
Learn the best techniques and ways to heal yourself and others.
Heal Irrational Panic.
Build Self Confidence.
Socialise More and Attract the Right Partner.
Resolve issues pertaining to Sex, Sexuality and Sex Addiction.
Heal anything that you are oversensitive to, or overreact to.
Intuitive advice for changing careers, decision making and coping with change.
Improve your Business: Attract the kind of clients that you want and the quantity you want.
Improve your Business: Make difficult and stressful business decisions, easily with better intuition.

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