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Keywords: Exercise Training

Dietary information: Exercise Program Exercise is essential to support fat loss & keep your metabolism stimulated. While on a kilojoule reduced diet your body will naturally decrease it metabolism (energy burning) in response to the reduced food intake. Keeping your metabolism stimulated with exercise is essential to counteract this natural reduction of your metabolism. Exercise done before breakfast burns your fat stores more effectively than exercising at any other time of the day. Ideally, you should attempt to do moderate intensity exercise in the morning. Avoid high intensity exercise, this results in some fat burning benefits but possibly also burning muscle tissue as a quick energy source. This is self defeating for weight loss. Engage in a combination of moderate intensity exercises (see listed suggestions) as well as resistance exercises. Exercise in the form of resistance band work or light weights results in developing muscle mass. Increasing muscle mass will burn more kilojoules even when resting increasing your metabolic rate, further supporting fat loss. The impact that your exercise has on your metabolism is called “metabolic equivalent” or “METS”. METS measure your metabolic rate during exercise compared to your metabolic rate whilst resting. This tells you how intense an exercise is. For example: a leisurely bike ride has a MET of 4 meaning the bike ride increases your metabolism by four times when compared to resting. Your metabolism remains elevated as a result of the exercise for well beyond the actual activity.

Keywords: Exercise Training

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