Dietary information and overview

Dietary information and overview from Diet Plans

By: Diet Plans  12-Nov-2011
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The Dietslam program is designed to assist you not only to lose weight but also to support good health, increases energy levels & discover the right tools to continue with a long term eating plan that allows you to maintain a healthy weight. The eating plan utilizes a low G.I carbohydrate & higher protein eating plan to support your weight loss. In the first two weeks you will eat a high protein low carbohydrate diet. This will kick start your weight loss by breaking down your fat stores & high protein intake will reduce hunger. After the first 2 weeks a low GI carbohydrate, a low fat dairy serving & a piece of fruit is introduced back into your eating plan. In the short term minimizing carbohydrates consumption normalizes your blood sugar & insulin levels which supports your body to use fat reserves as it main energy source. Furthermore the program aims to educate you in the development of a lifelong eating plan and food strategy that will support your healthy weight into the future.

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