Hot Stones Therapy

Hot Stones Therapy from Beauty On The Promenade

By: Beauty On The Promenade  23-Aug-2011


A modern-day Hot Stone Massage (also sometimes called Hot Rocks Massage) will usually consist of the therapist placing heated stones (usually basalt) of various shapes/sizes onto the client’s body (for safety, most of the time these ‘placement’ stones won’t be in direct contact with the skin, instead they will be placed onto a towel to buffer the heat). These stones are placed onto different points (chakras, energy points, sore muscles, etc), depending on the style of Hot Stone Massage or Stone Therapy.

Whilst these placement stones are warming and activating specific areas, the therapist will take several other heated stones and begin massaging a different area of the body. The heat from the stones is released deep into the muscles, greatly enhancing the massage. It is said that one stroke with a heated stone is equivalent to ten normal massage strokes!

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