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By: Corenegy Coaching  25-Mar-2011
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NLP Therapy and Coaching can help you
    - Create a clear vision how you want your life to be 
    - Take control of your financial future 
    - Create specific and inspiring goals for your life and achieve them 
    - Gain clarity over making decisions for your future 
    - Identify negative patterns of behavior and eliminate them 
    - To stop procrastinating and start taking action 
    - Gain all the successful tools you need to live life on your terms 
    - Work on a conscious and unconscious level to gain awareness and realization of your purpose

What is life coaching?
Life Coaching is all about bridging the gap between where you are right now and where you want to be. 
With your NLP Life Coach you can change negative patterns to positive ones, un-resourceful long held beliefs and strategies will collapse in a matter of minutes. 
However these patterns must be identified first and that is where Personal Life Coaching kicks in. Life coaching will help you to discover what is important to you and what is missing in your life. It will help you to define your goals and give you the confidence to reach out and achieve them. 

Life Coaching is all about the solution not the problem 

To show how much we appreciate the decision you have just made, we would like to offer you a FREE NLP coaching session 

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What is NLP?
NLP is one of the best therapeutic methodologies to understand human’s pattern of communication and behavior. NLP provide specific tools to produce quick and permanent transformation for an un-resourceful strategy or unconscious pattern. 

NLP works directly on the subconscious level with absolute conscious awareness transforming negative thought patterns and emotions into positive, empowering and resourceful ones. 

Remember the time you learnt to ride a bike, at first you were so conscious about every action you did - peddling, braking, steering etc. Then all the actions became one chunk – riding a bicycle. Your subconscious mind was programmed. 

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro relating to the brains function on the human body, Linguistic relating to an individual in relation to the world, and programming relates to how the individual perceives the world. NLP encompasses three fundamental aspects of the individual human experience, physicality, human interaction, and an individual’s relationship with himself. 

You can develop an empowering state of mind – a state of excellence with empowering beliefs, communicate effectively and feel at ease and harmony with the world around you. 

What is Time Line Therapy?
It is not the event in your life that affects you – It’s the meaning that you give to it. 

Life altering events take place in each individuals experience that are known as defining moments – these events cause you to make a decision about yourself and the world that reshapes the entire way you perceive life. 

With the safe guidance of your NLP Life Coach you will re-visit these events, re-evaluate the meaning given at the time and replace with a positive and resourceful meaning. The changes take place on a sub-conscious level with your full awareness with instant healing and astounding results. 

One of my clients held a belief that money is the source of all evil. How do you think he did financially? That’s right – not great! When he was 5 years old he saw his parents arguing about money and created a belief that money is evil and life would be better without it. Then he made a decision. However, what was a great insight in the age of 5 is not necessarily right at 35. 

What if you can change your belief? What if you can change your decision? 

What is relationship coaching?
Relationship Coaching is a professional relationship that focuses on transformation, through awareness and overcoming negative patterns of behavior. In relationship coaching we recognize that to be happy and content in a relationship you first need to be happy and content with yourself. 

By using NLP methodology we will discover the root cause of all the issues that affecting your relationship. This cause can be related to the individual and is only projected into the relationship. Once the un-resourceful strategy is identified a step by step plan and tools will provided to transform the relationship and bring back passion and love back to the relationship. 

Having a relationship coach could mean the difference between a bright future and a bleak one 

To start turning your relationship around and drastically brighten your future, take your first step now and enter your name and email below to receive one Relationship Coaching session FREE 

What’s in it for you?
    - Resolve long standing conflicts 
    - Identify relationship smothering patterns and eliminate them completely 
    - Heal passes and present wounds 
    - Gain a better understanding of your partner by learning about yourself 
    - Understand masculine and feminine energy and discover the secret desires of yourself and your partner 
    - Reveal your partner’s love language

About us
Corenergy was founded on the belief that all people have the right to a purposeful and fulfilling life. 
With over 5 years professional coaching, mentoring and consulting experience, Sean has an enviable reputation and demonstrable track record for helping his clients achieves their desired outcomes. Sean has held front-line to executive positions enabling him to effectively influence across organisations and coach from a position of personal and professional experience. His intuition, integrity and commitment to his clients' success, enables the achievement of tangible, measurable and sustainable improvement. 

Sean’s compassion and intuition cut straight to the heart of the situation and using his innate ability to inspire his clients to move forward. Sean builds confidence and teaches his clients skills and strategies to achieve what was previously thought impossible. 

The quest for growth and knowledge has been invaluable to Sean in maintaining an open, non-judgmental view. Sean deepened his quest for growth and spent several years travelling extensively throughout the world, with a particular focus on East Asia. He discovered that life is a gift that should be treasured. 

Sean firmly believes that each individual contains immense talent and potential and it is only limiting beliefs that holds one back from being extraordinary and living a fulfilling and joyous life. 

As a passionate and committed Coach, Sean will guide his clients through challenges, whether personal or business, and will move them towards a place of clarity, confidence, direction and action. 

Qualifications details
B.A. Communication and East Asian Studies, Hebrew University, Israel 

Master of Commerce in Information Systems and Management, University of New South Wales, Sydney 

Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, The Coaching Institute, Melbourne 

Time Line Therapy Practitioner, The Coaching Institute, Melbourne 

Advanced Practitioner in Life Coaching, The Coaching Institute, Melbourne 

ACTP ( Accredited Coach Training Program ), ICF (international Coaching federation) accreditation 

NLP Performance Coach, The Coaching Institute, Melbourne 

Cert IV in Life Coaching, The Coaching Institute, Melbourne 

Cert IV in Business, The Coaching Institute, Melbourne 

Diploma in Life Coaching, The Coaching Institute, Melbourne 

Certificate in Past life regression, Toni Reilly Institute 


There are times in life when you meet people that truly change your life. For me that time was when I met Sean. I felt he really cared about me and was committed to help me make the changes I wanted.” Sarit Krcmar, Sydney 

“Over the space of 6 sessions Sean helps me achieve what I never thought possible. Sean helped me identify, and then alter, negative patterns of behavior that were entrenched in my personality. As a result I immediately felt lighter, freer…Now I see the world in a different light.” Karen Warren, Sunshine Coast 

“Sean is wonderful coach. In his sessions, anything is possible. Sean brings expertise, knowledge and skill, combined with absolute integrity, honesty and trust. I would recommend Sean to anyone wishing to gain clarity and awareness in their life.”Jacquie Lane, Sydney 

Keywords: Life Coach, Life Coaching, Personal Development, Relationship Coach, Relationship Coaching