Young Entrepreneur Mentoring Program

Young Entrepreneur Mentoring Program from The Frank Team

By: The Frank Team  16-Oct-2012

What professional development programs do we run? * Career Passion, Purpose & Planning – we audit your skills & values, and you learn to realign your mission and values with your role and organisation. You boost your work performance in this professional development program. * Your Professional Brand – creating a unique brand, impression control, selling & marketing yourself. * Adapting to Global Change – We look at revolutionary changes in industry, social behaviour and technology and we learn how to thrive in this climate. * Use of Social media, Iphone(smartphone) technology in the workplace – we go through critical technology etiquette * Team building and stakeholder engagement – energetic professional development session creating strong and effective professional relationships. * How to network & leverage relationships – this professional development program covers how to leverage professional networks + create a strong digital presence * Media training – how to manage media appearances. How to ensure you get media coverage and leverage media opportunities. * Mastering Communication & Presenting - you learn to master body language, learn the art of listening, adopt win-win solutions in this professional development session. * Innovation Tease – this professional development program generates innovation thinking as well generating strategy and concepts to inject into your work and deliverables * Ideation – a super creative boosting professional development session which brings new ideas to life and problem solve creatively. * Reflect & Regenerate – these 2 part professional development sessions enable you to reflect on the present year and set a new agenda for the new year. * Corporate Intrepreneurship – this professional development session focuses on learning entrepreneurialiasm in a corporate context. Think Steve jobs and Apple. Contact us on 1300 799 923 to hear more about our professional development programs for young professionals.

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We educate you about key and critical skills that you need to build and thrive in your career. Gone are the days that a university degree or qualification would enable you to have a great career, or even just a career. In this world of hyper competition and rapid change – key skills, business acument and self knowledge is needed to stay on top of changes as they happen. We teach you to be the CEO of your own career – and to drive your own success.