Terrible Termites!

Terrible Termites! from Scorpex Pest Management

By: Scorpex Pest Management  25-Feb-2013
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Pest control professionals estimate 1 out of 3 Australian homes will have some degree of infestation of termites. Sometimes called the ‘white ant,’ the termite is more closely related to the cockroach and loves moist timber found in your walls, ceiling and rafters. As most home insurance doesn't cover termite damage, you’ll be responsible for replacing all of the wood in the floor, walls and roof these destructive buggers weaken. Pest control of termites is best left to the professionals, but all responsible home owners should know about these destructive beasts. The Life of a Termite The termite has a complex colony life, much like the ant. At the centre of the nest is the queen, who can live twenty-five years and lay 2,000 eggs a day. She has a fertile king at her side and the two are waited on by the sterile and blind worker termites. These are the soft, white creatures you may see if you rip into a termite nest because they are responsible for damage to your home. The wood they eat is digested, regurgitated and then fed to the queen and king. There are also soldier termites that protect the nest from ants with their orange-coloured heads and pinchers. Lastly, the winged termites you see swarming on a hot summer evening are called alates. They swarm to find a mate and start a new colony, often near or in your home! If you see a swarm, call for pest control immediately as your problems are bigger than you thought.

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