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By: Scorpex Pest Management  25-Feb-2013
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You wouldn’t think a little ant would cause much trouble, but unfortunately the term ‘an army of ants’ pertains to this pest control offender. Ants can spread disease and destroy the timbers of your walls and rafters. Killing an ant or two in your home doesn't solve the problems of an ant infestation because there are more ants waiting to follow the pheromone trail back to the food source in your home. In most cases, the best way to banish them is to implement a pest control programme that targets the colony as a whole through chemicals brought back to the queen and other workers. Ants and Your Health Thought ants aren’t a huge source of health issues, they have disease spreading potential. They scavenge for food in dark, wet and nasty places then traipse dirty feet across your floors, tables and counters. Plus, some ants can bite and sting. Fire ants have a nasty bite that causes blisters on the skin. The Bulldog Ant will bite if provoked. The Life of the Ant Ants live in large nests built in your walls, in the spaces below the floor, between your pavers and even in dead wooden trees. At the centre of the ant colony is the queen, a fertile female that spends her days laying eggs. She can live up to ten years and when she dies another female will take her place. The queen is attended by sterile worker females who do all the chores including foraging for food and tending to the larvae hatched by the queen. The few males in the nest are winged and fly a mating flight with the queen, mate and then die. Expect colonies to contain 500,000 ants or more!

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