V-Zug - Appliances made in Switzerland since 1913

V-Zug - Appliances made in Switzerland since 1913 from PRESTIGE APPLIANCES CHATSWOOD

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The Best of Prestige = V-ZUG made in SWITZERLAND


Come and discover the new diamonds for kitchen and laundry.

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V-ZUG Ltd is the Swiss market leader in the field of household appliances. It develops, produces and sells top-quality kitchen and laundry appliances. V-ZUG is committed to striving for excellence, which means that V-ZUG is constantly developing world innovations in the appliance sector, which facilitate or even revolutionise cooking, roasting, baking, dishwashing or washing and tumble-drying.

V-ZUG Ltd, founded in 1913, has succeeded not only in maintaining its market position but also in improving it, because the V-ZUG laundry and kitchen appliances reflect a philosophy adapted to the wishes of the most demanding of customers. This includes economical use, a long life and a gentle use of resources.

, available in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

V-ZUG Ltd – Company Philosophy

Innovative power
Innovative power is the cornerstone of an industrial business. That is why V-ZUG has been investing significant amounts in research and development from the beginning. The result is innovations (often world firsts) which convince on a technical and aesthetic level and whose refinements and simplifications appeal to both cooking professionals and those who just cook for the love of it.

Take the lead
Win rather than just keep up - that has always been V-ZUG’s motto. Our will to win and our know-how manifests itself in V-ZUG’s discovery of the world’s first Combi-Steam Oven. The most precious thing we have is our health and the famous saying ‘you are what you eat’ is even more true when you experience food cooked in one of our outstanding steam and oven combination appliances. With a steamer you now have the best conditions for cooking balanced, healthy meals with pleasure. No other cooking method is as good for you as the pressure-less steam cooker. This is the optimal way to retain vitamins and minerals during the cooking process and you can benefit from up to 22 % higher vitamin content and up to 36 % less fat.

The will to win
Things that are important to everyone should be easy for everyone. An ambitious and worthy target – and V-ZUG has achieved it in the fields of cooking and baking, with the power of innovation and the will to win. Even novice cooks can now transform their own four walls into a gourmet restaurant, a village bakery, a cafeteria or pizzeria according to their fancy.


At V-ZUG, what looks irresistibly attractive is also extremely practical. Our understanding of functionality as part of design is particularly demonstrated in our innovative designer hoods and hobs. We are of course delighted to be able to offer you world firsts in this field whilst also doing much for the environment and energy efficiency with our Minergy know-how.


You know the situation: At a party, you sometimes need glasses or cups to be clean again fast. With the Adora dishwasher that is no problem. The Sprint programme runs in just 19 minutes (that must be a record!) and leaves everything sparkling. The other programmes are fast too. Moreover, it is quick for you to load and the sophisticated, spacious, adjustable baskets offer almost limitless scope for arranging your crockery.

V-ZUG is an undisputed expert when it comes to water and so can use it particularly efficiently and in many different ways. The new Adora SLQ makes the water so soft you can trust it with your most delicate clothes (V-ZUG WetClean programme). And if you don’t enjoy ironing (and you would be in good company!), another world first ensures that you are largely saved from this unappealing and time-consuming chore, the Steam Anti-Crease setting.

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