Nu-Lasik Laser Surgery

By: Northern Laser Vision Centre  16-Jun-2011
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 Nu-Lasik is a laser vision correction procedure which provides far superior results with better stability than . Approved by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Opthalmologists, this is our preferred procedure.

  • - Nu-Lasik Epilift does not cut the cornea like Lasik and gives consistently better visual outcomes.
  • - Nu-Lasik Epilift has outstanding safety and predictability. More than 97% of our patients see as well or better after surgery without glasses than previously with their glasses.
  • - More than 45% have one or more lines improvement over the vision they had with glasses.
  • - Lasik can have unpredictable and unforeseen flap and suction ring complications through the use Keratome (metal knife blade) or Intralase (laser knife)
  • - With Nu-Lasik the cornea is not cut so there is less risk involved. Long term corneal stability is improved because there is no weakening of the cornea.
  • - Customised ablations appear to work much better using Nu-Lasik than conventional Lasik. This means we can expect more predictable outcomes when treating a wider range of conditions.
  • - Nu-Lasik has significantly less dry eye problems.
  • - Nu-Lasik Epilift is approved for most branches of the Australian Defence Force as well as US Defence Forces, whereas Lasik is not.
  • - Nu-Lasik is the perfect platform for use of new groundbreaking technologies such as WASCA, or Wavefront Aberration Simulated Customized Ablation.

Nu-Lasik is suited for short sighted people (myopia) with refraction up to -9.50D (depending on corneal thickness) and provides better long-term results for people with Hyperopia (long sightedness) and Astigmatism.

Patients enjoy a far improved life free of glasses and are able to enjoy improved vision during activities such as surfing or swimming in the ocean.

Nu-Lasik does not cut the cornea of the eye like other techniques. Instead, it uses a technique known as "The New Advanced Surface Ablation", which works like this:

  • - First, specific equipment is used to separate the surface corneal layer (epithelium) creating a very thin flap.
  • - Re-modeling (ablation) of the cornea is then achieved using a non heat generating laser called an Excimer.
  • - The surface layer is then re-laid and a protective 'bandage' contact lens is placed over the ocular surface.
  • - Regular anaesthetic and lubricant eye drops are administered throughout the procedure, to ensure optimum results and very little discomfort.

The healing phase of Nu-Lasik takes a little longer than Lasik, however the long term benefits far outweigh this short wait.

Keywords: Eye Laser Surgery, Eye Problems, Eye Surgery

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