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By: Dr Michael FInkelstein  15-Oct-2013
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Dr Finkelstein uses Dental Implants if you are missing teeth, if you have a decayed tooth, a broken tooth or you have teeth that you do not like the look of. Dr Finkelstein can give you the perfect smile, no matter what age you are. Please call us for your FREE CONSULTATION with Dr Finkelstein on 9411 8808. Our Dental Implants start at $3999. Dental Implants are a beneficial treatment for people suffering from lack of confidence due to missing teeth. Dental implants not only increase one’s confidence levels, by providing them with a natural-looking, beautifully even smile, but can also improve one’s overall wellbeing. Dental Implants also provide many benefits when they are used to replace missing teeth. Dental Implants: Operate like normal teeth Feel like natural teeth Uphold the principle of the bone structure subsequent to tooth loss Replace loose dentures Maintain the strength and wellbeing of adjacent teeth as bridgework is not required Enhance one’s talking capability when dentures are removed Disperse bite forces equally Enhance facial aesthetics by preventing loss of bone Tooth loss can have a dramatic impact on one’s life as it does not only affect one’s appearance but can also have negative impacts on one’s overall wellbeing and health and reduces one’s confidence in smiling. Therefore, it is extremely vital that missing teeth should be replaced with dental implants immediately to avoid possible health issues such as: Change in bite due to shifting teeth Trouble chewing Bone loss Drifting and movement of teeth Supplementary strain on enduring teeth Joint problems in jaw Emotionally, tooth loss can cause an array of effects and can be a complex issue for many to handle. One’s social life can be affected, with some people even evading romantic situations in order to avoid a partner finding out about their tooth loss. Tooth loss also has a number of other physical effects including facial disfigurement and potential signs of premature aging due to extreme bone loss caused by the loss of multiple teeth over years. Although dentures can provide sufferers of tooth loss with a feeling of visual satisfaction, they can also be the source of bone loss, cause through the positioning of extreme forces on the fundamental bone structure. Dentures also need to be relined or possibly substituted for new ones after a few years. All of these issues that arise from tooth loss and dentures can be avoided through the use of Dental Implants.

Keywords: Dental Implants

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