Web Design Process - How we can help you

By: DigitalBlue  07-Mar-2012
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Why Bother?

If well designed and correctly implemented, a website can be the most cost-effective way to advertise your business.

It provides direct benefits - increases in sales and decreases in costs and also indirect benefits – like better customer service and access to new markets.

Some key benefits to consider include:

ØProvide greater accessibility by giving customers 24/7 access to your business and its details.

ØOffer better customer service by opening up new communications channels, like contact forms and troubleshooting help that will enable you to "keep your finger on the pulse" of your customers.

ØOpen international markets by providing easy ways to communicate with overseas customers and selling your products online.

ØExpand your networks by linking pages with your partners and contacts, you can refer clients back and forth

Planning Web Design – 5 Steps

There’s a lot of complex, back-end work that goes into building a website – which you probably don’t want or need to know about.

This 5 step-guide will help you understand all the decisions you’ll need to make when building a website with Digital Blue.

Once you’ve made these decisions, we can get to work on building your website.

Step One - Domain Name Registration

The first step in establishing your website is registering a website URL (for example: www.yourbusiness.com.au) from a Domain Name provider.

You’ll need to decide – what URL do I want for my business? How long do I want to register it for?

Step Two - Website Hosting

You’ll need to pick a ‘hosting service’ on the web – this is an online space which you rent, to store the actual website files.

Digital Blue will connect you with the best hosting deals online, and provide you with options to best suit the way you want to manage your website. 

You’ll need to decide – which hosting service do I want? How long do I want to rent it for?

Step Three – Design & Content

After you’ve got a name and place for your website, you’ll need to work out its ‘design’ –the layout, and structure of the pages. This involves back and forth work with a ‘designer’, who will provide you with a mock-up picture of what your website will look like.

You’ll also need to have content – that is, the text, headings and logos that you want on your website. If you don’t already have your own content and logo ready, Digital Blue offers content writing services and graphic design services which can help communicate your brand and messages in a way that’s web friendly.

You need to decide – what do I want my website to look like? What do I want to say on my website?

Step Four – Development & Maintenance

Once the design is finalized, we’ll need to code your website so the mock-up becomes an actual website, ready to go online.

You’ll need to decide – how do you want to update your website? Will you want a log-in system where you can edit sections?

Step Five – Launch & Promote your website

Once your website is coded, we can ‘launch your website’ – by uploading it to your hosting service - and you’re ready to go!

One thing to consider is this; a good website is best accompanied by good website marketing. Digital Blue offers a range of online marketing services, to increase your visibility on Google and draw new clients from various areas of the internet.

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