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By: Chatswood Sports & Family Physio  22-Dec-2010
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Services & Treatments

§Trigger Point Dry Needling: Also called Western Style Dry Needling. This modality has been used for many years in Eastern Medicine and is slowly gaining more attention from Western Medicine. This treatment helps relieve trigger points for tight and tense muscles and is especially beneficial for patients who have chronic pain or sports injury such as sprain, muscle cramp, tight shoulder muscles, lower back pain and foot pain (plantar fasciitis).

§Shockwave Therapy: This treatment is ideally indicated for Planar Fasciitis, heel pain, or heel spur; tendinosis calcarea/supraspinatus-tendon and insertional tendonitis.

§ Real Time Ultra Sound Assessment and Training: This is an ideal method for patients who have chronic lower back pain and pelvic floor disorders. During the course, patients are trained in controlling postural / core muscles and pelvic floor muscles by providing them with visual feedback on the spot. It is a very effective way to provide feedbacks concurrently as that ensures the patients are doing the exercises correctly to strengthen the core muscles.

§Orthotics: Our physiotherapist can prescribe heat moldable orthotics for patients who suffer from foot and leg pain or other complaints related to the foot position such as knee and back pain. Physiotherapist will perform a gait scan assessment to identify and analyze patient’s foot problem by computerized device, and then will customize an orthotic made suitable to individual patients.

§Splinting & Casting: For patients suffering from sprain or fracture at joint or bone, we offer a service to tailor a splint or cast specific to a person’s needs, with a variety of splint and cast materials.

§Medical Fitness Training & Motor Re-learning Program: Physiotherapist conducts medical fitness training for patients who have work related injuries. If patient’s fitness level isn’t suitable for their work duties physiotherapist will re-train the patient in gym setting.For patients who have neurological and postsurgical conditions such as stroke, total hip or knee replacement surgeries can improve their functional and mobility levels through rehabilitation training.

§Chest physiotherapy: This is a method of treatment suitable for patients who suffers from chronic lung diseases or respiratory disorderssuch as emphysema and asthma.This treatment can help to reduce pulmonary symptoms and to prevent further complications. Physiotherapist will also conduct education for patient’s family member to support the patient in their daily life.

§Clinical Pilates/Exercises: An exercise method aimed at improving core muscles strength.

§Orthopedic Manual Therapy: Our physiotherapist specializes in orthopedic manual therapy.This treatment can adjust spinal problems which cause neck and back pain, and also improve quality of joint movements such as shoulder and knee.

§Home visit: Home visit runs by appointment and depending on locations only. Physiotherapist will conduct mobility assessment, pain management and exercise prescription to individual patients.Call us for further enquiries.

Keywords: Physiotherapy, Physiotherapy Clinic, Sports Physiotherapy

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