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The Physio Essentials Approach to Pilates Pilates begins with developing ‘static’ control first (that is, the ability to identify neutral/middle of your body and facilitate the body’s controlling mechanisms) Then progresses to 1.incorporate gentle movements whilst challenging the body to maintain the neutral position. This can be a combination of bilateral movements as well as unilateral movements 2.improve the endurance of the body’s controlling mechanisms 3.further challenge the body’s stabilising system by adding additional co-ordination of movements 4.gradually manipulate other variables such as resistance and speed but NOT AT THE EXPENSE OF LOSING CONTROL *Physio Essentials starts with an Assessment Consultation whereby we establish what range of exercises are suitable to you, so as to challenge your individual ability. Then, we work to progress you to continually ensure you are continually challenged within realistic targets and means. This is achieved through closely monitored, small sessions with regular assessments to ensure your program is always tailored to your individual needs.

Keywords: Clinical Pilates, Clinical Pilates Classes, Physiotherapy Clinic, Pilates Classes, Pilates Exercises, Pilates Studio, Reformer Pilates, Small Groups

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