Steve Phillips Loses 29.2kgs in just 9 weeks

Steve Phillips Loses 29.2kgs in just 9 weeks from Vision Personal Training Castle Hill

By: Vision Personal Training Castle Hill  04-Jul-2012
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Vision Personal Training and the team of Personal Trainers have an amazing story to share. This client, Steve Phillips, started our 9 week Weight Loss Challenge with a specific goal to achieve. We first had a chat about his goals, completed a goal setting session, and built a specific training and Nutrition plan. Through his one on one Personal Training Sessions, Steve was educated on the correct nutrition to achieve his goal and exercise plan. He completed a number of hours doing cardio and fitness classes, and attended Nutrition Seminars and Shopping Tours for further education. This is what he said

"My journey to lose weight didn’t start nine weeks ago, it started 48 years ago. You see, I’ve had a 
life-long struggle with my weight and no matter what I did or what I tried nothing changed. Sure there were times when I would lose weight but sure enough, the weight would eventually pile back
on and then some. Up until now I’ve never been able to fully conquer my weight issues and handle
with the psychological battles that were taking place inside me.

Sometimes I would eat the right things and sometimes I would do the exercise but the biggest
stumbling block I had was my inability to see the challenge through. At times, I am my own worst
enemy. I’ve always had a mental battle going on inside that would always see me fail time and time again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen in to depression over my weight issues and how it’s affected my self-esteem and confidence. Even to this day, I find it hard to look in the mirror and to look at the person in front of me. Outwardly I appear to be this confident and outgoing person but
inwardly lay a person who is low on self-esteem and lacks the confidence to feel good about himself.

Over the years I have tried everything from Jenny Craig to stomach stapling. My daily diet would
consist of pizza, burgers or anything fried and always something sweet like biscuits or chocolates. It would not be uncommon for me to eat cakes or KFC and most of the time it would be on my own so no-one could see me. Of course afterwards I would feel guilty but I couldn’t do anything about it. It was an obsession with food and an obsession with fast-food and junk food!

Something had to change and I knew it. It was now or never. I felt that if I didn’t take drastic action
then I was a prime candidate for a heart attack and early death.

The answer – The Vision Weight loss challenge.

What I liked about this challenge was that it involved competition and I’m quite a competitive guy so I thought that this would be the best ‘vehicle’ for me to achieve the one reaming personal challenge in my life – to lose weight once and for all!!

After seeing the ad in the local paper, I remember ringing Richard Wong (Director at Vision Castle
Hill) about a week before the challenge was due to start and we chatted briefly over the phone, he
invited me to come in to his studio and to talk about my goals and aspirations. We met, we chatted we had a very open and frank discussion about my personal issues and in half an hour he heard about my whole life story and my life-long battle with weight. From that initial meeting we put a plan together combining both a nutritional diet and a program of cardio and weight sessions.

At the time of weigh-in I was 119.20kgs and my initial thoughts were to lose 20kgs. After about one week I decided to up the ante and go for 26kgs. I thought 26kgs would be optimistic but then again I thought why not. Go for Gold as they say. This was my time and I felt very strongly about this and Richard also gave me the confidence that together we could do it. So, starting Monday August 29 2011 I was on my way. There was no turning back from this point and I was ready and motivated like I’ve never been before. The first week was truly amazing and the weight dropped off immediately.The body must have been given quite a shock when it wasn’t  getting its daily dose of fatty foods and sweet treats. I stuck to the plan methodically, listened to Richard, did the cardio (plus a little bit extra) and the results were forthcoming.

As each week passed, I increased the cardio and did extra training including swimming ,bike riding and I even competed in my first competitive run (in the Sydney running festival)  and by week 6 I was doing around 3 hours of cardio per day.

There were times when I felt very flat and tired and there were times when I thought I wouldn’t  make it but each time I pushed myself though and with Richard by my side and acting as a mentor and coach I knew that I was going to conquer this “demon” once and for all.

The entire team at Vision Castle Hill led by Richard were extremely supportive and were encouraging me each week to keep it going and made me feel very special and that I was really doing something amazing that helped give me the will-power to keep going hard each week and to make this happen. With one week to go, I had effectively reached my target weight of 93kgs (26kgs weight loss) so the last week could have easily been a week of consolidation but I decided to really have a go and see if I could possibly break the 90kgs barrier. Once again I applied myself for one final crack, worked hard and finished on 90.10kgs, a total weight loss of 29.10kgs.

I could not have asked for more and to end up on this number has well and truly exceeded all my expectations and shattered the myth that I could never do this. I have not been this weight since I was a teenager and now that I’m there, I’m not stopping. I have set myself a further goal of dropping another 6/7kgs and then reassess from there. Stage 1 is now complete and I’ve finally done it. This  has been without question my single greatest achievement in my life to date. I would like to thank everyone at Vision for helping me to realise my dream and for giving me a new lease of life.

Vision you have changed my life FOREVER!!"

Steve Phillips

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