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By: Advanced Dentistry at Multicare Dental Clinic  06-May-2013
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Holistic Dentistry We at Multicare Dental Clinic in Castle Hill firmly believe in Holistic dentistry which is alternative dentistry, focused on treating our patients as a whole- keeping in mind their physical and mental health and not focusing just on their oral cavity. Holistic dentistry promotes health of the body and mind and since our first priority is our patient’s health, we do all that we can to ensure our patients are safe and thoroughly looked after. Our excellent team of dentists at Multicare Dental treats every patient with the highest level of care and looks for treatments that favor their wellbeing. We examine all aspects of our patients’ health and plan treatments accordingly, keeping in mind their initial interests. • Organic, Biologically friendly fillings As followers of Holistic dentistry, we favor usage of biologically friendly materials for dental treatments such as organic, resin-based composite fillings instead of conventional amalgam or silver fillings. This is because half the composition of amalgam fillings is mercury which, in Holistic dentistry, is considered highly harmful to the body as it is slowly released into the system and is believed to have neurotoxic and immunosuppressant effects. The usage of amalgam fillings completely goes against the holistic approach to dental treatment and we care about our patients enough to promote usage of organic, biologically safe materials. • Implants We use bio-friendly materials for implants such as titanium posts and gold cores that support the high-grade porcelain crown fused to it. Titanium implants are very long lasting and stimulate bone formation, in addition to having excellent strength. Our implants specialists are experts at implantology and ensure the best and safest implant treatment available. • Natural treatments for Gum disease Our dental team also focuses on the more natural treatments for gum disease such as systemic treatments, instead of surgical approaches to periodontal treatment unless it is necessary. Periodontal diseases are taken lightly, but they may be linked with diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease or digestive disorders that cause malabsorption of vital nutrients. Healing the periodontal tissue with a non-surgical approach keeps both, the patient happier and healthier and the body less vulnerable to further infections. The Holistic approach to dental care is given great importance at Multicare Dental and our patients are given the best possible therapies.

Keywords: Dental Care, Dental Health, Holistic Dentistry, Teeth Whitening

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