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By: SolarSwitch   10-Jan-2011
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Most solar panels boast a 25 year output warranty however only a select number of manufacturers actually have the quality controls, heritage and credentials to stand by this promise. That’s why installing solar panels from reputable manufacturers with warranties held in Australia is key to maximising your return on investment and ensuring peace of mind when installing a solar power system. Remember, when installing solar panels for your home or business, this is a lifetime investment and an electrical installation on one of your most precious assets.

Conergy is a German multi-national solar panel manufacturer with offices throughout Australia. Conergy is one of the world leaders in solar energy systems and already supply over 1.7 million people worldwide with clean, green solar power. Founded in 1998, Conergy’s worldwide sourcing of the highest quality components means ultimate reliability. The high efficient monocrystalline cells are embedded in EVA(Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) to ensure long term performance. The panels have a 5 year product warranty and a 25 year manufacturer’s output warranty that is held in Australia.

Korea’s industrial giant, HyundaiHeavy Industries is one of the largest heavy industry companies in the world and boasts a production capacity of solar modules of 270MW a year. Established in 1977, its Electro Electric System Division (EES) has earned a worldwide reputation in the power industry and has applied state-of-the-art technology and training to its engineering workforce. The Korean manufactured monocrystalline modules combine high quality design with uncompromising production standards. The 215W Monocrystalline solar panel has 3 bypass diodes to prevent power decrease by partial shade and a 3+% positive power tolerance which means you’re always guaranteed more power, not less from the panel. The panels have a 5 year product warranty, with 10 years at 90% minimum power and 25 years at 80% minimum power and a 25 year manufacturer’s output warranty that is held in Australia.

SilexSolar is the only commercial manufacturer of solar cells and panels in Australia and the largest integrated PV cell and solar panel manufacturing plant in the Southern Hemisphere. SilexSolar has partnered with the best minds from the University of NSW and ANU to fulfil their commitment to industry leading PV innovation. The SilexSolar SLX Series are high power monocrystalline solar panels that incorporate anti-reflective coated cells and glass to generate more energy – kWh per kW. The panel has undergone the most rigorous testing to ensure reliable long term performance. By choosing SilexSolar you are supporting the local Australian industry and you also get the support and service that goes with choosing a local manufacturerwith the solar panel plant based in Sydney. The panels have a 5 year product warranty and 25 year manufacturer’s warranty.

SunPower is a US multi-national that offers the most efficient solar panel in the world, a 318W panel. It is 19.5% efficient rather than the standard 13-14% thanks to its unique patented back-contact cell technology. This means more output from your solar panels while taking up less roof space as a 1.5kW SunPower system takes up less area than a normal 1kW system. SunPower panels produce up to 50% more power than conventional solar panels and 100% more than thin film panels in the same space and perform exceptionally well in low light conditions. The panel’s product warranty is 10 years which is at least double a standard panel product warranty, on top of the 25 year output warranty. It is also particularly aesthetically pleasing being a black panel with a black frame.

Suntech is the world’s largest producer of silicon solar modules achieving an annual production capacity of 1GW in 2009. Suntech has offices in 13 countries including Australia and their solar products are installed in more than 80 countries. Founded by University of NSW graduate and solar technology innovator Dr Zhengrong Shi, Suntech follow the strictest production guidelines in their state of the art manufacturing plants. Suntech monocrystalline solar panels perform exceptionally well in low light and a superior conversion rate means the module is 14.1% efficient. The solar panels have a 5 year product warranty and 25 year manufacturer’s output warranty that is held in Australia.

Solyndra is a US multi-national that designs and manufactures special panels made up of cylindrical modules primarily for the commercial rooftop market. The cylindrical modules have a 360 degree photovoltaic surface to capture more of the sunlight that hits a roof by passively tracking the sun. This means the panels can be mounted horizontally and because the wind blows between the cylinders simple mounting hardware that does not penetrate the roof is used. No roof penetrations, attachments or ballast are needed which is particularly useful on concrete roofs because the fragile waterproof membrane remains intact. This means Solyndra systems can also be easily relocated for roof maintenance or building work. The panel carries a 25 year output warranty which is held in Australia.

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