█ CrossFit gym Equipment Kettlebell Weight vest GHD █

█ CrossFit gym Equipment Kettlebell Weight vest GHD █ from RAW Fitness Equipment

By: RAW Fitness Equipment  01-Jun-2013
Keywords: Kettlebells, Kettlebell Training, Medicine Ball

AW Fitness Equipment is Australia's premium wholesaler supplying all of Australia various fitness equipment and body building products at Everyday low prices Guaranteed. such as CrossFit Equipment, Crossfit Rigs, Cast iron Kettlebells, Competition Kettlebells, Weight Vests, Clubbells, Plyoboxes, Olympic Barbells, Olympic Rubber Bumper Weight Plates, Medicine Balls, Foam Rollers, Power/Battle Ropes, Climbing Ropes, Sleds, Sledgehammers, Sandbags, Glute Ham Developers (GHD), Gym Balls, Hand Grips, 41” Power Bands, TRX P2 Pro Packs and many more fitness equipment. Providing Australia with the highest quality fitness equipment/products at the lowest and cheapest prices possible. RAW Prices for RAW Fitness everyday! ALL EQUIPMENT IS BRAND NEW! Smooth Surface Kettlebell (THATS $2.37 per kg! UNBLIEVABLE!!) Kettlebell 4kg 9.50 Kettlebell 8kg 19 Kettlebell 12kg 28.51 Kettlebell 16kg 38.01 Kettlebell 20kg 47.51 Kettlebell 24kg 57.83 Kettlebell 28kg 66.52 Kettlebell 32kg 76.02 Kettlebell 36kg 85.53 Competition Kettlebell (THATS from $2.98 per KG! UNBLIEVABLE!!) Kettlebell 8kg 23.89 Kettlebell 12kg 35.83 Kettlebell 16kg 47.87 Kettlebell 20kg 59.73 Kettlebell 24kg 71.68 Kettlebell 28kg 83.62 Kettlebell 32kg 95.57 Kettlebell 34kg 103.08 Kettlebell 36kg 130.33 Weight Vest Super heavy duty Fully adjustable with 0.5kg individual weight blocks Weight Vest 15kg 69.47 Weight Vest 30kg 115.68 Steel Clubbell solid steel Embossed weight identification Steel Clubbell 2kg 10.54 Steel Clubbell 4kg 19.04 Steel Clubbell 6kg 31.28 Steel Clubbell 8kg 41.65 Steel Clubbell 10kg 61.70 Plyobox Set of 4 Steel construction and rubber base 12“18”24“30” Plyobox 226.27 Olympic Barbell 86" Rated 1500lbs Thrust bearing (UNBREAKABLE) Olympic Barbell 248.89 Olympic Rubber Bumper Weight Plate (Unbelievable prices) Solid Natural rubber Stainless steel insert, Black bumper weight plate 5kg 59.65 pair bumper weight plate 10kg 86.38 pair bumper weight plate 15kg 126.71 pair bumper weight plate 20kg 144.81 pair bumper weight plate 25kg 185.54 pair Wall Ball / Medicine Ball Heavy duty 14” medicine ball 4kg 43.12 medicine ball 6kg 45.52 medicine ball 8kg 49.11 medicine ball 10kg 52.70 medicine ball 12kg 59.89 Foam Roller 15 x 90 Foam Roller 21.48 Power/Battle Rope 2 inch 15m 18kg with Handle Power/Battle Rope 178.75 Hemp Climbing Rope 1.5" 10m black With hook attachment and hand grip. Also great for lighter Battle Rope training Climbing Rope 135.76 Running / Power Sled Olympic Body Harness Yellow Sled 98.22 Sledge Hammer Solid steel sledge hammer 8kg 41.63 sledge hammer 15kg 78.04 sledge hammer 20kg 104.07 Sandbag sandbag small 30lb 73.52 sandbag medium 60lb 85.96 sandbag large 90lb 110.85 Glute Ham Developer (GHD) GHD rack 131.22 Gym Ball 65cm Anti-Burst Gym Ball 10.28 Hand Grip hand grip 100lb 9.70 hand grip 150lb 9.70 hand grip 200lb 9.70 hand grip 300lb 9.70 Looped Power Resistance Bands 41" 41" *1/2"*0.45cm red loop 6.27 41" *1 1/8"*0.45cm purple loop 14.24 41" *1 3/4"*0.45cm green loop 19.94 41" *2 1/2"*0.45cm blue loop 30.53 41" *3 1/4"*0.45cm orange loop 38.65 41" *4"*0.45cm black loop 53.15 TRX P2 Pro Pack Pack with Door Anchor & DVD TRX P2 Pro 80 Gym Ring High-grade ABS plastic 300kg loading Gym Ring 33.94 Bulgarian Bags 100% High quality cowhide leather Bulgarian Bags 8kg 117.66 Bulgarian Bags 12kg 122.18 Bulgarian Bags 17kg 126.71 Bulgarian Bags 22kg 133.49 Rubber Medicine Ball handle 3kg 35.52 4kg 39.59 5kg 41.14 6kg 48.87 7kg 53.17 8kg 58.60 9kg 64.26 10kg 69.69 PickUp Welcome with COD in Caringbah or contact for postage or visit us face book . com /RAWfitnessequipment

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