Testimonial: Ana Whiteacre- Sydney, Australia

Testimonial: Ana Whiteacre- Sydney, Australia from Enable you

By: Enable you  20-Jun-2011
Keywords: Life Coaching

I started my Life coaching with Jo about 3 months ago, in this time I have achieved many goals and learnt allot about myself in all areas of life such as personal, spiritual, business and many more. I found every session I have had relevant to me in some way even if I wasn’t aware of the issue before hand which made me look at things differently in areas I needed help. It was nice being able to talk about things that you don’t normally talk about in a day-to-day basis and to have a professionals advice on what to do. I have achieved many goals in the last 3 months that Jo helped me set and monitor, some of these goals were things such as: pay off my student loan which I managed to pay the remaining $6000 since I started with Jo as she helped me with a financial plan that kept me on track. I have improved in areas at work that I just wouldn’t get around to doing but having these goals and having Jo ticking them off every time I seen her made me get through them and not procrastinate.Jo is an amazing person and coach, she is very easy to get along with and is very clear when she explains things. She is a great listener and really cares about you achieving you personal goals. I recommend everyone to do life coaching sometime in their life, whether you do it to get ahead in life or just to explore new things about yourself and the people you share your life with. I learnt lot about myself and what I am capable of and it’s all because Jo was there to guide me and educate me.

Keywords: Life Coaching

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