Callaway X Hot Driver set up a good example

By:  25-Nov-2013
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After trying the X Hot cheap golf clubs, I have to say, Callaway is back in the driver business. This is an all-titanium head that feels and sounds the way I expected a Callaway driver to feel and play. It’s also got one simple add-on: an adjustable head. One quick screw on the bottom of the head with a standard club wrench will make the setup of the driver up open or closed and with a degree less or more loft. Callaway has implemented its thinnest casting technology ever in the all-titanium head to create a lighter swing weight and overall configuration, a combination that benefits most players in terms of head speed and distance, especially golfers with an average swing speed. A tighter curvature face on the X Hot Driver offers a look at address preferred by better players, along with consistent sidespin and dispersion to promote accuracy. A lighter configuration, optimized CG and larger sweet spot help to maximize length, and the OptiFit Hosel lets golfers set the speed frame face to fine tune their trajectory off the tee. The first thing that obviously grabs your attention with theCallaway X Hot Driver is the finish. Callaway has stepped outside the box by choosing to go with a matte gunmetal gray finish on the crown. There is also a singular alignment aid on the crown as well as some small red, black, and grey graphics on the rear edges of the crown. While the grey crown may catch your eye, to me the sole of the club just finishes off the entire package by presenting a well-done contrast. On the sole of the X-Hot, Callaway went with white and red as the main colors of choice. The two serve as a stark contrast to the muted grey crown and black face and the entire package works tremendously well together. I put this club in my bag, I was hitting through 913 D3 Driver and I saw a marked improvement with the shot pattern, playability and length in one round. This driver is what all other Drivers try to be, Easey to hit, Super Long and best of all a fairway finder.Once you try it you will buy it.Overall, it’s not hard to see why this club made Golf’s Digest’s Hot List Gold for 2013. If you’re looking to get the famous Callaway feel back in your bag, this is one to try.For more details, you can visit

Keywords: Cheap Golf Clubs



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