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By: Sydney To Melbourne Couriers DRS  03-Oct-2012
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Having a courier from Sydney to Melbourne these days or even sending Sydney to Brisbane freight in most cases will often have your freight turn up smashed to a million pieces. The understanding of custome service these days in Australian culture has all but diminished. A typical example of customer service going bad not just in courier companies but in all facets of industry is how call centres are leaving offshore and your calls are being answered by someone who can't put two words of English together. Although this isn't happening as far as courier companies are concerned, the old poor standards of customer service apply. It is primarily only for one reason. Cheap costs. Cheap courier costs are often associated with poor courier standards and especially Sydney courier services for the simple reason that how can you send freight interstate and especially using fragile freight couriers for a measly sum of say 120 dollars and expect your sensitive freight items to turn up in one piece ? You can't. The only reason freight turns up damaged is because you are paying cheap courier costs. The reason being is that your freight is loaded onto what is called a freight liner and your freight is then transported interstate. With a freight liner holding possibly 100 odd customers freight going interstate is how these courier companies make their money. This also explains why it takes merely a week for freight to arrive interstate. It is often requested from us that we provide a courier from Sydney to Brisbane in cases where freight has either not arrived by regular Sydney to Brisbane freight services, or freight just keeps arriving into Brisbane or even Melbourne damaged repeatedly. When this happens, customers stand to lose their own customer base because of repeated failure to deliver goods safely and in one piece to their customers. When it is requested of us to carry out a delivery interstate, customers are often doubtful that the items will get there and simply don't believe that that freight can be delivered interstate in one day and undamaged. Interstate courier services that are personal or dedicated are often the only courier services that can actually provide a fast courier service interstate and always deliver freight interstate undamaged and within 1 day. We often provide couriers from Sydney to Brisbane or couriers from Sydney to Melbourne and sometimes even provide personal couriers Australia wide as dedicated couriers services. The only problem here is cost. For a courier to turn up at your premises to pick up freight going interstate and to have your freight there within say ten hours, he would often have to provide this service dedicated or basically for your courier needs alone. We often provide interstate courier services at a personal courier service but this service is generally expensive. There is a difference between your freight arriving in one week at a cost of say 120 or 200 dollars as opposed to say 1800.00 dollars and arriving in say 10 hours interstate. When we do interstate deliveries within such short time frames and in many cases delivering sensitive or fragile freight, customers are absolutely flabbergasted at how fast an interstate courier delivery can be when the money goes down.

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DRS. It's who you call when your interstate courier delivery goes horribly wrong and you need a courier that is going to get you out of trouble fast. It's who you call if you want an urgent delivery interstate done quickly. When you want Express, you get Express. Express interstate courier deliveries to Melbourne Brisbane or any other city in Australia that works