If it ain’t broke....review it!

If it ain’t broke....review it! from IDS Internet Dispatch Services

By: IDS Internet Dispatch Services  09-Oct-2015
Keywords: Courier Services, Freight Forwarding, Parcel Delivery

One of the many things I enjoy about my work is the opportunity to review clients’ dispatch systems. Maybe it satisfies my inner Florence Nightingale or quenches my innate curiosity. Who knows? It’s a part that I take quite seriously because when a system works well it helps everyone achieve whatever goals they may have. I really believe in the old adage, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ That said, reviewing your systems on a regular basis is also a good habit that really applies if you are in a growing business. What worked six months ago may be hampering your growth now. The two most important things to achieve in any system are effectiveness and efficiency. A system needs to work well and save you time and money, especially in a business environment. An open mind is always the best approach to reviews. Too many times people get it stuck in their heads that whatever problem they have can be fixed by spending on new technology. This may work some of the time, but it also can be a huge negative on a business if it is not researched properly. Human nature plays a big part in this and ensures things are never black and white. By nature we shun change and when introducing new systems and technologies, it is vital all parties are on the ‘same page’. The best systems can be scuttled because staff, lower down the line, have not been included in the changes and have had something new thrown at them and been told to adapt! So in any review a few straightforward steps should be adhered to: • Look at what is being done now • Determine if there are any serious problems • Consider any future plans • Get feedback from everyone involved • Ensure any changes will make the system better and more cost effective • Consider a minimum of three options (including making no changes) • Regularly review the new system, once it is up and running This may sound very simple, but it is amazing how many people approach system changes the wrong way and then wonder why it failed. In the transport industry what sets companies apart is service. Getting the customer’s item from Point A to Point B in the quickest time and with the least fuss. Price is important, but if it takes a week for a Same Day delivery, then a cheap price is irrelevant. A dispatch system is the core of these businesses and if it fails regularly, then so does the business What do you think? What different steps do you think improve the performance of a system? I would love your thoughts on any of this. I appreciate you reading this. Image credit: en.wikipedia.org

Keywords: Courier Services, Express Freight, Freight Forwarding, Interstate Courier, Overnight Delivery, Parcel Delivery

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