Do SMS alerts improve customer service levels?

Do SMS alerts improve customer service levels? from IDS Internet Dispatch Services

By: IDS Internet Dispatch Services  09-Oct-2015
Keywords: Courier Services, Freight Forwarders, Parcel Delivery

If you have a minute, go to the website and type in a transport company you know. Have a look at the comments posted by that company’s customers and then do the same for another transport company. There is a troubling pattern of poor customer service and it is largely around customers not getting their order when they were supposed to, or not at all! The Australian consumer is one of the most tech savvy in the western world. This unfortunately puts extra pressure on our transport industry, affecting the ability to offer great customer service. We all know ‘life happens’ and things do go wrong. Vehicle breakdowns and traffic jams to name a few. These problems just add more pressure to a driver already on a tight delivery schedule because the customer wants it NOW! The word that goes a long way to solving all this is ‘communication’. It’s important that the transport company is in communication with their customers and dispatch is communicating with their drivers. It used to be that this meant many phone calls between parties and a lot of stress. Now this can be addressed much easier utilising a SMS alert system. SMSs can alert customers as to when they are getting their delivery. This can be tailored to the transport company’s system - delivery that day or in a specified amount of time. The SMS system can also alert customers when the item has been delivered. This works well if they are not there or it was inadvertently delivered to the wrong location and therefore fixing the problem straight away. I suppose you are thinking all this technology will cost a fortune and can only be afforded by the ‘Big Guys’ in the industry. A few years ago this would have been true. The cost of investing in this type of system would have been prohibitive for smaller companies. Not so now. The internet has changed all this with software development giving you a customer service tool at an affordable cost. I would value your thoughts on whether this is a viable means to improve customer service? Image credit:

Keywords: Courier Services, Express Freight, Freight Forwarders, Interstate Courier, Overnight Delivery, Parcel Delivery, Sms Alerts

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