Cities in Australia are the Most Livable on the World

By: Synch1  22-Mar-2012
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The Ranking of Global Livability is propitiatory research by Economist Intelligence Unit, which collects all data for different cities throughout the world and prepares an index to present the most livable plus worst livable cities. Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and Adelaide attained the prominent places in the list of ten top livable cities previous year. Among many cities of the earth, Vancouver was announced as the most livable city in the world. This year, Melbourne took over Vancouver as the top livable city in the world. Australia has tied scores with Canada as the top most livable country with four cities, making it to the top ten list. The Economist team scored different cities of the world on the basis of various contributing factors like living cost, quality of health care, public safety from illegal activities, public safety from government, food & drinks, level of censorship, level of corruption, cultural availability, transportation quality, education quality, consumer goods & services, climate, public utilities and services quality, and private utilities and services quality. The lifestyle ensured by these world cities are categorized into five major categories - Stability (25%), Culture & Environment (25%), Education (10%), Healthcare (20%), and Infrastructure (20%). Until previous year, Vancouver exceeded the rank in the list as the most livable city. The ranks of the Vancouver city were boosted unnaturally since Canadian Government wanted to grab attention to the city that hosted Olympics and Paralympics of 2010. Canada put money in bettering infrastructure and culture and environment of Vancouver since it hosted the sports events that subsequently led in boosting of rank in those categories. A lot of measures were taken to secure the security measure of the city and this boosted Vancouvers overall score. Yet, after a year, Vancouver drops down the rank and Melbourne makes its way to the top as the most livable place in the world. In the world list of most livable cities published by Economist Intelligence Unit, Melbourne has constantly been a common entry. With excellent low level corruption, climate, healthcare quality, public safety, high quality education, public cultural activities, and proper infrastructure, it is not amazing to see Melbourne as the topmost livable city in the world. Melbourne has carried out a lot of advances recently, thanks to the initiatives made by Australian Government . - People are able to afford comfortable housing in the city. In Melbourne, people choose personal rental habitations compared to other cities. - Due to green measures launched by Australian Government, price of living is reduced as energy and water consumption is too shortened. - Public & private transportation benefits has as well been enhanced along with numerous transportation infrastructures in recent years. The investment in transport infrastructure has also raised in recent times. Use of public transportation in Melbourne is as well high in terms of other cities in Australia. - Melbourne is now secured against Oil and Mortgage Vulnerability. - Patients from different cities as well as countries come to Melbourne since the city gives advanced healthcare facilities.. Melbourne has scored top in livability rankings, however there are few other cities in Australia that have also attained positions in the list. Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth are also in the list of top ten cities to live in. This is not just the 1st time for these cities to attain these ranks as these cities get continuously in the top most livable cities list. From 2002 to 2004, Brisbane was featured in the top ten livable cities rank, but the city missed position this year. All over Australia, infrastructure, economic performance, and living environment have improved and so, various cities are able to score higher. Since the Australian cities offer a distictive good standard of living, they feature in the Economist livability list continuously. Moreover, Australia also is growing its services industry as well as demand by offering better quality services than various countries of the world, which is not only improving service export, but also improving the livability scores of different cities. However, not everyone accepts that this livability index is universal. Similar to Canada, Australia also proves to be safety hazard less, less crime, and violence-less news producing country. Australia is a country with many optimistic factors and it is not surprising to look the country as the best place to live after heaven. For the people of many low livable cities in Americas, Asia, and Europe, Australian Immigration, Australian PR, and Australian Visa is a very dreamed about thing.

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