Yellowbrick V3

Yellowbrick V3 from G-Layer

By: G-Layer  22-Apr-2013
Keywords: Gps Tracking, Asset Tracking, Gps Tracker

Yellowbrick, the world’s largest truly-global tracking provider, has launched Yellowbrick3, an advanced professional tracking device incorporating a unique Two-Way Messenger function. This latest device from Yellowbrick enables communications and social media updates to be sent from any location in the world, no matter how remote, thanks to its use of the Iridium® Satellite network. Yellowbrick tracking devices enable exact position reporting, from your yacht, truck, aircraft, even from your backpack. Utilising the Iridium® network ensures they are never out of range; wherever there is sky there is a signal. Unlike conventional communication devices Yellowbrick trackers keep working from one end of the earth to the other, even across the deserts and to the poles. In addition to reporting exact GPS position at preset time intervals, Yellowbrick 3 also offers a basic messaging function, accessed via the 4-button keypad and bright OLED screen. This compact and rugged device can also offer advanced messaging when linked via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet to send more complex email messages, SMS, Twitter or Facebook updates – no matter where you are in the world. When integrated with Yellowbrick’s online position tracker portal, this advanced functionality offers a complete media information package for online spectators of races and challenges. As an additional safety feature, Yellowbrick 3 incorporates an alert button which, when pressed, sends a message back to the user’s nominated contacts via email and/or SMS together with the Yellowbrick’s precise location. With its own internal battery, Yellowbrick 3 is entirely self-powered, lasting up to 12 months or 2000 transmissions on a single charge.

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